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The Vision of the show is to become the premier point of contact for lesbians, gays, transgender, bisexuals and parents that may have questions about the lifestyle. We will discuss issues faced every day to include coming out, gender identity, intimate partner violence, suicide prevention, bullying, finance, sex, relationships, love and more. As the premier point of connection, we have a place to learn, educate, contribute, connect, give and receive comfort, empower and foster integrity, celebrate and entertain.

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Do you know someone who is HIV positive? Would you date someone who was? What about those downlow brothas and sistahs???How do we protect ourselves, our partners, our families? How do you live your life if you are infected with the... more

What turns you on? What gets you in the mood? How do you like it? Where do you want it? Do you have limitations or does anything go???????

Are we prejudice against our own community???

"Sidelines"... Meaning the other Man or Woman... Are there any Pro's & Con's to being the Sideline??? How do you cop when you find out your the Sideline in a relationship??? Is being the Sideline becoming a pattern in your life or Being... more

Do you BREAK UP to make up??? How long to do you stay in a relationship before you say enough is enough??? How many break ups have you had in a lifetime and are all break ups FINAL??? Let's talk about it y'all!!!! Join us LIVE... more


Before there were domestic-partnership registries and commitment ceremonies, before same-sex marriages and civil unions — before the gay-rights movement… What was life like for our community and how far have we... more

Season 4!!!! Yes you've guessed it, were back and it's time to see What's On Your Mind??? How was your work week, are you stressed out about your kids, pets, baby daddy's or baby mama's? Are your young adult children not applying... more

Single Single Single Single Single... Life! How many of you enjoy living the Single Life? What are some pro's & con"s of being Single? Are you considered a whore if your a serial dater? Do we use our time wisely during our Single status to fine... more

Emotions... Emotions... Emotions! Do you find yourself always being caught up in your feelings? How do we control them? How do we hide & surpress them? Love, hate, anger, happiness, sadness do we allow all these emotions to control our... more