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Talk about poetry, philosophy, coffee, politics, apathy, conspiracy theories, painting, theater and anarchy

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Tenneessee will explain how you should live your life, listen in and find out

We will see if 2 white boys can get the funk back in Chicago, tune in to find out

We have the whole gang back, Tennesse has be returned, I have a cows udder and Chicago is mad as hell, what more fun could we have

See what happens to Tenn and maybe Chicago?

So what happens when you are hypnotised and can you do stuff you normally wouldn't do lets find out with our friends.

Folks we have been going crazy here with the shows, new show will happen ct 19th, needed a hiatus for a minute. So this show will be a taped show about a trip to Paris 2 years ago. Stay tuned and find out all the good stuff about Paris.

Will it be live, will it be recorded, who knows, we just know it all comes from the deranged mind of Kimo in the Den of Iniquity. Check us out and see if we have resolved the black peeps controversy, the Brown Shirted Lemur takeover or if... more

See what happens when the crew goes to wawa and see if we get some corporate sponsorship

So we create felonies and cross state lines. Check in next week

This show will be don eliterally on the road, hpe you enjoy and we will see what happens when we take it there
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