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Talk about poetry, philosophy, coffee, politics, apathy, conspiracy theories, painting, theater and anarchy

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We made 30 shows in 30 weeks, you hve helped us make that happen, you can help us even more by letting other people know to tune in so we can actually take over the world of Black Peeps and brown shirted lemurs. Tune in to see who will call in or call in yourself at 646-668-8529 and make sure you look us up on We are gettting bigger and new things are afoot.
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Will it be live, will it be recorded, who knows, we just know it all comes from the deranged mind of Kimo in the Den of Iniquity. Check us out and see if we have resolved the black peeps controversy, the Brown Shirted Lemur takeover or if... more

See what happens when the crew goes to wawa and see if we get some corporate sponsorship

So we create felonies and cross state lines. Check in next week

This show will be don eliterally on the road, hpe you enjoy and we will see what happens when we take it there

For real this time Omaha, a place and trip that will be exquisite.

Sorry we missed last weeks show but we will be back this week, Kimo goes to Omaha, why Omaha, find out

Who knows what will happen this week, stay tuned, could be panel could be poetry

Which Star Trek Character is the best, talk about your favorite and bring an alternate.

Lets see we have done 2 episodes with no panel. they have recharged their batteries and are ready for you, catacomb anniversary was a success let us know if you would like more of that in the show

This will be the part 2 of Catacomb Anniversry with a possible part 3 to finish it up the following week. Please feel free to write opinions or commentary to and let us know what you think.
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