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Talk about poetry, philosophy, coffee, politics, apathy, conspiracy theories, painting, theater and anarchy

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Lets see we have done 2 episodes with no panel. they have recharged their batteries and are ready for you, catacomb anniversary was a success let us know if you would like more of that in the show
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This will be the part 2 of Catacomb Anniversry with a possible part 3 to finish it up the following week. Please feel free to write opinions or commentary to and let us know what you think.

This weeks show will be on the heels of the 4th of July celebrations. I know you will enjoy it because I have no idea what it will be about. Come on check it out you know you love some Kimo's Den

Does wearing spandex at pride fest make you less of a man, does it indeed show off your junk, find out next time

Find out the many ways Star Trek is perverting the way of life for a liberal agenda.

Check out the longest running Blog Talk radio show based here in FBurg Virginia as far as we know. What weirdness or poetic justice will happen this week, tune in and find out.

Stay tuned for the possible conclusion of the universe as we know it, more Han Solo vs Greido and what that means to you, a possible secret society? Connection with Lemur takeover, find out

A Continuation of our discussion with wild surprises

Panel discussion of who shot first Han Solo or Gredo? We have heard what Han Solo feels, but how about the actor who portrayed Gredo, why has no one ever asked him, Screw what George Lucas thinks, screw what Harrison Ford... more

So Here we go, Mothers day was a day for reflection and reenergizing. We will have a panel of respected guests discussing the infamous Han Solo vs Gredo scene.

See if the black peeps can be used for good or for ill!!!
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