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Bienvenue I am your host AmenRa and along with my co-host Sean and my operator Doudou which means (Sweet heart) are presenting a variety of diverse topics served for adult conversation.From education, relationships,history,parenting, empowering and finding solutions to build a better community. Our goal is to correlate ideas from a male and female perspective

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This show has been inspired by the recent event in New York City. Motorcycle crew barricaded a husband, wife and two year old baby in a truck. The situation escalated when the truck pumped the bike in the back. The motorcycle crew... more

Could you date, be in a longterm relationship or even marry someone who luv to get high? Why or why not? Some say it depends on what substance they're using! HmmmIn 2013, there are so many ways one can get that high he or she craves... more

Should people wanting welfare undergo drug test?Another more deeper question one can posed is, where does it stop? What about testing these individuals for diseases? What are your thoughts and where do you see this country welfare... more

We will discuss how to prepare for children. What are some of the most important thing men and women should do in preparation of having a child? How can you prepare financially, emotionally for this drastic change in life? How important is it... more

Your health is undoubtedly pertinent to the longevity of your human experience. Why is it that so many black man are reluctant to go and seek medical attention. Also what are some of the health challenges for black women.

Polygamy has been considered taboo by many in America and abroad. Although its wildly legal and practiced in over a dozen countries in Afrika and mid Asia, which you call the Middle East.My question is could polygamy help raise... more

Ladies would you date a man who was "Gay" at one point in his adult life? There's so much talk about down low brothers and "gay so called the new black" we have to take it there.Ladies have you ever dated a man who has admitted... more

Blended Families are a large part of today's relationships. there are many challenges that comes along with being in a relationship with those who have children. Join us in conversation as we discuss the challenges of dating... more

Do you feel like you are alone although you are in a relationship? Are you in a relationship with someone who does not add any values in your life? Not helping you move forward in life? Question for women- Should you stay in an... more

To often deadbeat dads have taken the spotlight away from fathers who are in their children lives. It's time to put the stereotypes to rest. We will prove there's a vast amount of great fathers out here. We want to give brothers who... more
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