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Gab With the Gurus

Gab with the Gurus with Connie Bennett


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Join the personable, once-sugar-addicted journalist Connie Bennett, aka The Cravings Ninja, when she interviews motivating health leaders ("gurus"). You'll leave these short shows with shocking information that will inspire you to action and 3 valuable takeaway tips that you can put to use RIGHT AWAY. Previous guests included Dr. Mehmet Oz; Suzanne Somers, Montel Williams, Lisa Rinna, Marilu Henner, Raw foodie David Wolfe; Robert Scoble (“Scobleizer”); "Green Smoothie Girl" Robyn Oppenshaw, "FlyLady” Marla Cilley; “Grandfather of Fitness” Jack LaLanne (before he passed away); and many more. Host Connie Bennett is a bestselling author (Beyond Sugar Shock and Sugar Shock), founder of the Crush Your Cravings 911 Playcamp™, an accomplished journalist, a show host since 2007, a certified life coach, certified health coach and a popular blogger at http://www.ConnieB.com and other sites. Please spread the word about the Gab with the Gurus Show via Twitter, Facebook and give it a high rating. Thanks so much in advance. Connie

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For the Gab with the Gurus 3-year anniversary, it's my pleasure to presnt the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson. Today, you will learn how to shed unwanted weight as Marianne discusses principles in... more

Gab with the Gurus on BlogTalkRadio turns 3 years old on June 12. For our anniversary month, we're presenting many acclaimed experts. Our first guest today is stress relief expert Lauren E. Miller, who is author of 99 Things... more

Jack Challem -- one of America's most trusted nutrition and health writers and a member of the American Society for Nutrition -- is my guest on the Gab with the Gurus today. He will help those of who, who are stressed out and tired all the... more

Carmen Harra, Ph.D., renowned psychologist, intuitive counselor and TV personality joins the Gab with the Gurus Show today. Dr. Harra is author of the new book, Wholeliness: Embracing the Sacred Unity That Heals Our... more

Trying to lose weight? Diabetic and confused about how much to eat? Learn about the Precise Portions System, a porcelain dinnerware system with my guest, Ann-Marie Stephens, who co-founded this innovative product that helps you... more

Dating: Are you confused as to what to do and what not to do? Today, get clarity with my guet, counselor Dr. Kenneth Ryan, author of Finding Your Prince in a Sea of Toads: How to Find a Quality Guy Withoug Getting Your Heart Shredded.... more

Do you call your husband or significant other honey? If so, you may be having a diminished sex life because of using a pet name like that. Today, my guests, authors Julienne Davis and Maggie Arana, authors of the new book, STOP... more

Can't get enough sugar? Get helped by integrative physician Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, author of Sugar Addiction Now!: The Cutting-Edge Program That Cures Your Type of Sugar Addiction and Puts You on the Road to Feeling... more

God: What does that mean to you? In 2006, frustrated with religious turmoil, fanaticism, and fundamentalism, filmmaker Peter Rodger set out on a quest across 23 countries to shoot the epic nonfiction motion picture, Oh My God, in... more

Detox diets are front page news these days. But, according to environmental sciences medical physician Jeffrey Morrison, M.D., these programs are impractical for long-term use, and they can overwhelm your body's systems and make... more
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