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All i want to do is to make my viewers alive and fun i also make my shows for anyone so if you want to see a show for family then you can came to my blogtalkradio so don't worry about language i got that under control and it won't be so boring either so if you want come and listen and be relaxed (at some times) any way if you want to know fwhen my radio show is well you can go to my blog and i sometimes start a chat to let you know are that we can talk i start my chat at 4:00p.m.

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Show Re-Schedule

  • by G-MO
Thanks for visiting with us! We just want to let you know that our program on 1/3/2009 is cancelled. We are on vacation from school and we need to have a saturday off! We will resume our regular schedule on 1/10/2009. Thanks! G-Mo

New Show Time

  • by G-MO
Our 11:00 A.M. Show is being moved back to 12:00 Noon for Today only. G-Mo!