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Exit Babylon

Exit Babylon


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This is a hard hitting Broadcast called by God to pull the true believer in JESUS Messiah out of Babylonian thinking and ultimately out of the religion of Babylon. Just wait till you find out just what that Babylonian religion is. Though the people of this nation are trapped in the modern Babylon America it is my hope in this short time to call you to a pure relationship with the true JESUS of the real scriptures, and away from the counterfeit Jesus of the American Church system that I call the Harlot Church. and away from those counterfeit books that they like to call the scriptures but actual Satan's scriptures

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Rev 18 4 come out of her my people..... Most people in the church system today see a falling away sometime in the future but I am here to tell you that the falling away is well underway and if you do not recognise the times you may be caught... more

The Non Profit Church system what is it and who is involved well today lets look at one pastor who is willing to take another pastor to task

Do your pastors call themselves Apostles and Prophets,?Are they trying to conquer the earth for Jesus ? If so these are signs hat they are of the New Apostalic Reformation and apostate movement that is extremely dangerous to... more

a continuation of the teaching on femenism

The thuth about feminism . Feminism was funded by the NWO to destroy the American family

it was not to long ago that the history books conained this information, but the time has passed and the history has been re written this information is vital to understanding the end times

Femenism and the detruction of the American Nation

501 C Apostacy The CHurch you think belongs to Jesus actualy belongs to the state

More good teaching to listem to

Mopre GReat teaching from various speakers
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