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Welcome to Enigmattiks Project Radio! Join your hosts Joshua Ritenour of Westmoreland County Paranormal Society and Melissa Specht of Para-Jersey Crew. Topics of discussion range in all venues of paranormal phenomena. Ghost hunting, UFOlogy, and cryptids will all be discussed. The paranormal field is unknown to us all, it is our goal to seek the truth and search for answers. Tune in live Saturday nights at 7:00 PM EST. Call ins are always welcome! WE'RE BACK!!!!!

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This Saturday we welcome Joe, Founder/Lead investigator of Northwest Georgia Paranormal Research Society. Joe is a fellow truth seeker that will not settle for average paranormal investigations. He and his team strive for truth in a field... more

Join us this Saturday as we host CAPS Paranormal (California Area Paranormal Society). Founded in 1997, CAPS looks to answer questions and help folks who experience paranormal phenomena. Website:... more

Mel and I welcome Chris, field researcher and comedian of Bigfoot Huntin. We will speak with him about his research and YouTube show. BIO: Bigfoot Huntin is a You Tube series of comedy, and Field Research videos. We bring the... more

The Saga Continues on Enigmattiks Project Radio as Josh and Melissa continue discussions on paranormal phenomena. Topics will include: What makes houses haunted? Demonic Possessions or Hoaxes? Psychic Abilities, and more. We... more

After a few long months, we're back! This time around some things have changed. The is the same show as WCPS Radio was, with a few variations. Still paranormal talk. Still truth. Still raw. This time around I would like to welcome... more

Jim Malliard's rescheduled broadcast from Labor Day weekend. Jim is a host of his own show, The Malliard Report, and also is founder of his group Meadville Paranormal. Website: http://www.italkparanormal.com/... more

Laurie Champion of PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists, has been helping folks all over the country with the most severe and hostile types of hauntings. Website: http://www.pinellaspascoparanormal.com/

Welcoming back Todd Harrington founder of Norwalk Paranormal Research Group. Todd has always been a wonderful guest with much knowledge in the paranormal field. https://www.facebook.com/NorwalkParanormal... more