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Do you feel powerless? Searching for your soul mate? Do you struggle with moving forward? Sarah and Sophia can help you reach your highest potential in love, career and all other aspects of your life. They are here to empower you to take control of your life and your heart. They encourage you to lighten your load and they help you envision your future so you can actively participate in co-creating that with the Divine!

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Does your relationship make the grade? Better yet, do you pass the tests on how you handle the different dynamics in your relationship? There is a grading system for diamonds, work evaluations, college entrance exams as well as scholastic... more

Come join Sarah Adelle, Sophia Elise, Christina Nelson and Dawn Katzin as we discuss the crazy and wild story line of the extemely popular The Walking Dead. We will talk about the weeks prior and future episodes and give you our input... more

Hints are subtle. They can help us uncover more details and find answers, but we have to really be able to see them to get them. When it comes to our romantic relationships, dating and love, hints can present themselves in several different... more

It seems that everyone is attracted to a certain 'type' of man or woman who they believe meet a certain number of physical or character traits. Also the 'type' we are attracted to may change over time. But when we insist that we must find... more

When it comes to relationships, passive aggressive behavior can take on many forms. Some of these behaviors are very easy to spot while others can be very subtle, going unnoticed for years. Passive aggressive behavior always avoids an... more

People seek closure from relationships so they can move on and let go of the past but in some cases getting closure seems to be as difficult to find as the holy grail. So many say they need closure from their relationships. But do they really... more

Love triangles might be entertaining in soap operas, Lifetime TV movies or romantic comedies, but in real life they suck! Relationships are supposed to involve two people, and when a third person is introduced into that relationship,... more

Everyone says they hate drama in their relationships... but they seem to participate in it no matter what. How can you identify drama queens and kings so you can steer clear of them in your relationships? If you are in a... more

Have you ever noticed that some appearances can be deceiving? We may know someone, work with someone or see someone at the gym who we might think would make a good romantic partner. But would they? You only know them... more

When it comes to love, there are times when people just allow their logic to go right out the window. They find ways to justify their relationships with emotional logic. With emotional logic, there really is no logic and all decisions, are... more