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Do you feel powerless? Do you struggle with moving forward? Sarah and Sophia can help you reach your highest potential in love, career and all other aspects of your life. They are here to empower you to take control of your life and your heart. They encourage you to lighten your load and they help you envision your future so you can actively participate in co-creating that with the Divine!

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Valentine's Day evokes thoughts of chocolate, flowers, romantic cards, and cherubic angels shooting us with arrows. There are special diamonds, jewelry, lingerie and secret indulgences you can buy your Valentine. Much of today's... more

You know who she is. She may be the of many women's existence, the dreaded "her". But who is she exactly? Well..You know her, she is the one that is with the guy who would be perfect for YOU, but instead he is in a relationship... more

You say you want to manifest something into your life BUT do you really? Your emotions, or self doubts, could actually be getting in the way of getting what you want! Where your emotion is, that is where your power is, and if your emotions... more

Probably all of us have picked up a few bad habits during the course of our lives. We may eat the wrong things, drink too much, not exercise enough or do other things that are really not good for our bodies or our spirit. When it comes to our... more

The terms soulmates and twin flames are very popular today, when it comes to romantic love, but many people may not fully understand what a soulmate or twin flame relationship actually is! Soulmate and twin flame relationships can... more

Jealousy occurs when a person feels their relationship, not necessarily romantic, is threatened by someone or something outside of the relationship. Jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity,... more

Does your relationship make the grade? Better yet do you pass the tests in how you handle the different dynamics that are thrown at your by being in a relationship? There is a grading system for diamonds, work evaluations, college... more

Hints are subtle. They can help us uncover more details and find answers, but we have to really be able to see them to get them. When it comes to our romantic relationships, dating and love, hints can present themselves in several different... more

At different phases of our lives we have probably been attracted to a specific type of man or woman. Blonde, brunette, blue-eyed, brown-eyed, tall or short.. it seems that most of us may have specific characteristics in another we find... more

It's that time again! Last time we did this show we had such a great response from you guys, so once again, we are are taking a break from our regular relationship discussion format and making this show all about YOU and how we... more