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"Embrace your Uniqueness" with ReGina - a show to inspire you to be the first rate version of yourself instead of being a second rate version of somebody else! *** ReGina’s website is intro&end music by Dan-O @

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My guest today - Sherrie Koretke - Certified Professional Intuitive Career Coach and Ordained Minister. Sherrie's website:

My guest today on "Embrace Your Uniqueness with ReGina" - Randy Brown: personal development speaker, author and coach. Randy will be exposing some myths we embrace in our society that keep people from being true to their own... more

SPECIAL My guest today is Lisa Selow! Her self-help book, A Rebel Chick Mystic's Guide: Healing Your SPirit with Positive Rebelion is published by Hay House, Inc. and today is her book release! Besides being an author, Lisa is a... more

My guest today - Maggie Steele - a life coach for teens and young adults, and the author of How I Got My S!*t Together: An Introspective Workbook to Help You Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life. Maggie works with older teens... more

My guest today is - Chuck Hagen - co-author of the book 'A Simple Truth: Find Your Destiny Using the 20 Day Symbols of the Aztec Calendar.' He has been working and studying with various elders in Mexico for the last 20 years and... more

In Celebration of the Book Launch, our today's SPECIAL guest is NY Times best-selling author, Eldon Taylor! He is launching the release of his latest book, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide For... more

My guest today - Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, has dedicatd her life to humanizing and raising public awareness about the little-known effects of ritual abuse and mind-control programming that tragically cause formation of multiple... more

"Give a kid a dollar and they'll spend it tomorrow.Teach a kid millionaire skills and they'll be ready for life!" My guest today - Ann Morgan James, Jack's Mom, author of the book "How to Raise a Millionaire". Her son - Jack, is an author of... more

My guest todaay - Denise VanVliet DD, LMT - Spiritual Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Medical Intuitive, Author, Speaker, Metaphysical Life Coach, and a Channel. Denise has been an Ordained Minister since 1987 and... more

Jean Kowalski is my guest today! Jean is a licensed massage therapist and Angel Therapy Practitioner®, has been providing coaching, support and healing for over 17 years. Her main focus is the transformational soul work,... more
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