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Multi-published author, Dionne Fields, who wrote the true crime series called: Pages Of Me.She is also the Director of her very own movies on paper at her Movies On Paper Studio Production.Dionne Fields is an international children's book author with over 50 titles.Her children's books are based on America's favorite character : Rain Fields

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G.I.Rain A new series of children's books. This book is written just for young readers. Between the ages of 5 years old, through the age of 11 years old. I'm so grateful to create a G.I. Joe story. G.I. Rain is a new G.I. of a much younger generation of Joe's. They are stronger and more skilled in the new high-tech secret weapons. The younger generations of G.I. Joe's are recruiting a stronger team, To fight the younger generation of the evil Cobra Team. Thank you to Kindle World for this wonderful opportunity. I'm so excited about writing about the next mission for G.I. Rain. This action and adventure story is great for kids of all ages. https://www.facebook.com/g.i.rainfields
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Dionne Fields

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Check out all my publish non fiction books on sale now. http://stores.lulu.com/mspeachstate
Dionne Fields

New childrens book collection of books.

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Check out my new childrens book collection of books on sale today. http://stores.lulu.com/rainfield
Dionne Fields

Dionne Fields Reality TV Show.

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Dionne Fields Reality TV Show. One day real soon I will have my very own Reality TV Show. Fox tv or Vh1 would be my 1st choice to air my reality show. My reality show would be about new hero's, silent hero's. Women, Men,... more
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