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Shaka Blaka * Hotep Kenyatta

BLACK EMERGENCY (With Hotep Kenyatta & Shaka Blacka)


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Doctor Shaka Blacka & Hotep Kenyatta Show. Each episode has a different focus but the primary themes are to empower Africans, African-Americans, Blacks, Indigeous and Native people in lands that have been colonized by foreign hostile powers, etc. We play the music, the interviews, the feedback of these communities and encourage you to spread the word about the shows. Man crises are faced by black, brown and native people globally including (depending on the region and the powers that be) homelessness, genocide, starvation, gang violence, failed schools, failed hospitals, failed political and financial systems, self-hate, complacency, worst foods at highest prices, lack of control of their own non-profit and NGO sectors, no control of their own music/dance/technological/artistic creations, lynchings, governments that target them so that said governments (working for elite rich families) can steal the gold, diamonds, bananas, etc of Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, etc. We ae providing CPR and First Aid to the Black and brown people of the world. We encourage people of any color, nationality, socio-economic level, that know the negative impact of the above challenges on Black and Brown people, to help build these shows and movements. SHOWS: Black Emergency Smart Kids College Etc. Thanks for giving us a moment of your time to read this document, but also the pending time you will take to listen and spread the word. Power to the people.

On-Demand Episodes

Some whites and blacks argue that a race war is eminent. Some blacks argue that blacks should be violent against both the KKK and the other systems/ governments. Such talk, pending actions are blatantly dumb, stupid, koonish,... more

Photo note: I've attached to this show several screenshots of articles, most of which are deleted. One screenshot proves Wikipedia racism page has link to non-existent webpage. I've been blocked for a total of 4 years from editing... more

UPDATE: they bloked the AUDIO from this show... (Original tag: Who would believe that in 2017 humans are still abusing others based on skin color, gender, nationality? And who would believe that a person DEFENDING the victims is... more

It's just crazy ya'll. Unfathomable to think that black community puts faith in so many one-eyed people/ so-called leaders. Listen to the show and let's change things.

Are you tired being tired? What is the next step for black people and their supporters in America? Is it time to leave America? Should black stay and form new political party? Are all cops bad, or is their system corrupt and the... more

15 minutes to answer these questions: Is racism a tool of the elite ruling class? ARE HUMANS FAMILY? Should Latinos, Whites be allowed into black organizations? Are all humans family thus should love be provided across all... more

Conscious people that are anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-war, anti-bigotry, anti-GMO, anti-globalism, you either get tired suffering, etc or you FORM YOUR OWN EVERYTHING. In the case of the Black/African community, Since... more

STRESSED? (15 minute show, short but SWEET). Join the club. But then get over the stress and thrive. How do you deal with a crazy world full of BS, racism, sexism, lies, rape, war, theft ... did I say racism? :-( We can either explode and... more

SOS MAYDAY: To any person hearing or reading this. Urgent SOS for black humans on the planet Earth. If any alien hears this please help Black humans. They are suffering under siege globally with the worst hospitals, schools,... more

We celebrate the birthday of Malcolm X and I'll be reviewing his life, the pros/cons and more.
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