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The Show To Know When You Want Better! Coach Terri Hase, powerful information and guests from around the world - The Better YOU Radio Show! Light, funny, practical and able to change your world in just 30 minutes. Tune in for your mental Tune-up - Every Wednesday!

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The show to know when you want better! Join Terri & Vince Hase and build a better you! A part of the Better YOU Project -
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Big sweeping change is a good thing, but just as much power can be found in creating several positive micro environments. What is a micro environment, why would you want to spend your time creating them, and what's the payoff? Today... more

As the holiday season approaches, people often take stock of the year past, and plan for the future. But why stop there? The new year is an arbitrary date: Learn to take the joy of the season with you all year, every year! The show to know... more

You've been knocked-down, but are you really out? Failure can disappoint and frustrate, but it doesn't have to stop you. Take the opportunity to wipe the slate clean - a great way to start your next project! The show to know when you want... more

The Robin Williams story now has a tragic ending - yet this isn't the first time we have witnessed a famous actor, comedian, or musician deal with this debilitating dissorder. Today we look at the headlines, and what is behind the headlines. An... more

Are you a student of... Everything? When is being a "life-long learner" serious growth, and when is it a serious setback? Can there be too much learning to the point of overwhelm? Picking and chosing your learning paths, today on the... more

Difficult people can make your life miserable - and they can show up in the darndest places - like at work, or in your family (holiday with the whole gang, anyone?)... Today, Terri shares strategies to help minimize negative impact, and... more

How many half-finished projects do you have around your house or office? We start with such gusto, only to bog-down and let other things take precedence – It's time to build a follow-through mindset, and get things done!

Work, play, family, home, health – are too many things bouncing around in your head? Can't keep it all together? Is there really a secret to attaining a life with all things in balance? It's time to lose the worry and stop juggling! The... more

Episode 131 - CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Part 9. What is the mystery? Don't climb a mountain looking for a wise sage - Living your best life has no secret steps! In fact, it's really quite simple... The show to know when you want better!... more