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Another Hollywood Podcast

Another Hollywood Podcast


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A completely laid back, chatty/ranting show for fans/people everywhere to listen in and come on to have a silly good old time. Welcome to ANOTHER HOLLYWOOD Podcast,.. which is a reunion of a few personalities that spent several years on these lovely sites years & years ago, reuniting for a shorter run of some serious topics, fun topics, crazy topics, and some good old times. This show will be about movies, entertainment, pop-culture, personal/intimate stories, & more. We are bringing back a few people from the past we used to do the shows with and giving you a piece of us @ the midnight hour (or close to it). We are not into podcasting like we used to, and are grown adults with complex lives, so we may not be around for long. Many of us are former podcast hosts, hosting over 6-7 different shows throughout the years. We miss it, and are now returning to these casual shows for a bit of late nite fun. The show itself might not last for long, so catch it while you can!

On-Demand Episodes

Join Monica & Lucas as they talk about everything under the sun including the horror movie "IT,"...freedom/punk rock, music and how it all adds up in 2017......with much devotion to SEX/LOVE....the actress Tuesday Knight &... more

Join Monica "MOMO" & Lucas as they talk about nostalgic events of yesteryear, how it compares to today and today's times, and a little bit of all sorts of topics on this late night. We also briefly talk about the company MONICA is working for... more

Toinght we're going to be talking about how we celebrate Friday the 13th individually and with friends. We're going to be talking about out adventures and my constant visits to filming locations in the tri-state area of the US.... more

Join Lucas & Momo as they join you straight from their bed to bring a very thought-provoking, inspired, fun, funny, and meanignful podcast of all things beauty, Hollyweird, pop-cuture, and more. In today's serious times and in... more

So tonight we are doing a continuation of last night's show about Hollywood people madness, and truly our society going bonkers, things never really ending. However I personally am turning a new page and a new leaf in life, trying to... more

Tonight on this strange podcast that I just saw on my browser, the lovely Monica & Lucas, possibly more are going to talk, trash, and literally vent everything about the annoying people we see online and in the industry circles, as well as... more

Tonight we are going to be rebelling against the Oscars which are on, as we completely take a vacay from all that happy stuffs and we talk about possession and other fun topics. Truly we are bored and we simply want to waste time,... more

Tonight on Amy's Ranting Chick from Hell & Lu, the girls and Lu talk about many things including the mystery of RAMTHA.....other superstitions, curses/spells/witchery...on an up all night GIRLS NIGHT where every and any... more

Join us tonight on "RANTING CHICK FROM HELL, and Luke" as we talk about the upcoming Chucky sequel "CULT OF CHUCKY," and other Chucky movies..haunted objects & more. Tonight's show features the newly appointed... more

Welcome to tonight's podcast where we talk about the ranting chick from hell's favorite topic: TORTURE DEVICES FROM THE SPANISH INQUSITION. Many other topics shall be covered on tonight's show, including but not limited to,... more