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hey just here starting a brand new chapter in my life by starting a radio talk show,being established in the present truth , talking about the current events ,and etc.i dont expect anyone to agree.i am just gonna speak and let the chips fall where they may,maybe i will make a few like minded friends along the way

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he that has a ear let him hear what the spirit says unto the churches and to mankind

the age of denying so many false prophets and new age false teaching and false christians to be exposed on this episode.

we are no doubt in a time now where people call evil good and good evil. tonight i will talk about these things

There is a way that seems right with man, but the end of that way leads to death. Let's look at this morning.

one of the bes sermons i ever heard was from WMB called (the conflict between God and satan i will start the broadcast out toninght with this message ,hope you enjoy it

what a time of unbelief, truly the word has no effect on the majority of the so called believers today

i will talk about current events among other things really no format for today,i will just let the lord have his way. also i will be talking about this time of unbelief we are in.its not just with the atheist crowd but so much with the masses that call... more

tonight ephesians chapter 6 ,among other things

present day topics with present day truth

i will talk about the state of the churches todayan,the mindsets of people i will not be taking callers thanks
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