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Push the Reset Button: Reinventing Yourself After 40.


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Do you wish that some days you could just "push the reset button" on some aspect of your life? Really. Just blast whatever's there (or not there) and start over. This show features people who've "pushed the reset button" - they've reinvented themselves after 40. We'll find out why and how they reinvented themselves and what happened next. Join me for "Push the Reset Button" it's about doing a hard reset on what's not working in your life. We'll look at ways you can make whatever changes are needed so you can be healthy, resilient, productive, employed and even a pleasure to be with. Join Nina Price for PUSH The RESET BUTTON!

On-Demand Episodes

Nathalie Ekobo keeps reinventing herself; she'll tell us how she left France and the corporate world to first create a French restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, and finally build the business and life of her dreams. Nathalie Ekobo, MBA is an... more

Lynn Rousseau is clear: people don’t have to leave corporate America in order to be happy. Rousseau is convinced that some people do better inside a large system. However, to be successful they need to be clear on who they are, and... more

Harriet went from living in America to living in Africa. She evolved from single woman to single parent, and she emancipated herself going from undervalued employee to evolving entrepreneur. These pivotal turning points in her life... more

Kelly struggled for years to get rid of an extra 30 pounds and heal several health issues that only got worse. Once she gave up dieting and took a different approach; a holistic approach to health, she finally lost all the weight and healed... more

There is actually a thread of evolution as Karen has successfully shifted careers with the changing economic environment. At the start of the 1990s, she left her job as a corporate manager to become an entrepreneur. By the mid-90s,... more

In the past few years, Carlos R. Hernandez who studied Civil Engineering at Stanford, has reinvented himself as a consultant specializing in “social media for the uncomfortable.” Over the last two years he gave 100 speeches. Now... more

When Linda Sherman returned to the U.S. from Japan she realized that she needed to reinvent herself. But what does an experienced expat exec do when she returns to the U.S.? Find out on our next show. Linda Sherman set... more

Turning 40 and completely changing her life, Michelle DeBerge began to live her “second life”. No longer would she be a victim of abuse, and she would no longer work in a job that ate her soul and filled her with darkness. Determined to live a... more

Anne has been employed at some of the leading companies in the technology industry. She started her career at General Electric Information Services, which was at the time the world's largest international computer timesharing network,... more

Cathy Goodwin has reinvented herself many times. She has lived all over North America, including Alaska and Canada. She completed an MBA from the prestigious Wharton School but soon realized she was too maverick for the... more
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