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    Five in Ten 5/1/23: US Government Trafficking Children

    in Christianity

    The New York Times reports that some 85,000 unaccompanied children have disappeared after arriving in the country since Joe Biden took office. A whistleblower claims that the children are often handed over to sponsors who are criminals and traffickers.
    5) House rejects bill to pull US troops out of Somalia; 4) 18 Christians killed by Muslim herdsmen in Nigeria; 3) Tens of thousands of children disappear after entering US illegally; 2) California bureaucrats impose ban on diesel-powered trucks by 2036; 1) Washington school district drops music and band for fourth-graders because it promotes “white supremacy culture.”

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    I saw Biden at Rituals Overseeing Mind Control Programming featuring Hope

    in Religion

    Get ready for information that probably won’t come as a surprise!
    This podcast comes with a trigger warning. I'm joined by an old friend of mine and old guests. She is a survivor of Illuminati programming.  She has done a number of podcasts with me, and you can find them on YouTube, blog talk radio, and iTunes. Her name is HopenShe has discussed the programming of underground bases, the genetics of the Illuminati, and more. We did a widely shared interview a few years ago called "Why They Say Epstein is Dead - What They don’t Want you to Know. She is a hero, in my opinion. She is returning to give us more hope!
    In this episode, we discuss the following:
    Joint rituals and NASA facilities Epstein and the political realm. Election and the Nashville bombing. Trump’s presidency and the aftermath. The corporate ritual in New York. Dressing up to look like Christians. Biden’s clone The New World Order. Vaccine agenda and mass hysteria Underground tunnels, real rituals,  torture and genetic testing. The importance of deprogramming people in power. 1. Sign up to be a podcast member www.danduval.com  2.Be sure to check out and like our new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveringTruthNetwork 3. Subscribe to the new podcast YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5nxloF2rt7-dXkjppGHdFA  4.AND Subscribe to our Rumble Channel, where we will post all of our interviews that are TOO HOT for YouTube DiscoveringTruthNetwork (rumble.com

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    ?? HotLine Energy X Chat N Chill ????????

    in Spirituality

    Star Beings ? StarSeeds | Astrology Psychic Activation Soul Healing | Self Love | Channeled Messages | Live Reading
    ?Magical ?? AF?
    Omg! The Energy was so High. To  for Much For The Air Wayy's  "We Growing Up On Planet Earth"
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    Best's Intelligence Review Hour 5-19-2023 - This, Maybe That & Who Knows?

    in Paranormal

    While it may seem rather quiet, there is a lot going on behind the scenes as the NWO boys and girls push for their Great Reset and total control over everyone on Earth. Satan is the great controller, and Jesus Christ sets a person free, so we all know who is behind this reset button. Solar flares continue unabated as the Sun grows increasingly angry throwing off CME after CME. This seems to indicate that we are nearing Dr. Doom's KILL SHOT day that will hit mankind. Then we have earthquakes and volcanic activity increasing as well along with erratic weather. The WHO appears to be getting ready for another series of "shots/jabs" for all of humanity, while the USA border is being invaded by 5th column military ops right under our noses and more... 
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    Survival Medicine Podcast: Dental Extraction, Medicinal Gardens, Osteoarthritis

    in Health

    In a survival scenario, the family medic will be called on to care not only for medical issues, but dental as well. Military medics during the Vietnam War reported that they dealt with dental problems almost as often as medical. Therefore, the survival medic should expect much of the same. Dr. Joe Alton discusses a strategy that can take care of 90 percent of all dental emergencies: Extraction!
    Plus, Dr.Joe and Nurse Amy discuss what you need to know to have a thriving medicinal herb garden underway well in advance of the zombie apocalypse! Everything about soil, cuttings, grow zones, etc. to get you on the learning curve for a successful supply of sustaining medicines.
    Plus, Dr. Joe Alton answers some questions from a listener about osteoarthritis. Our moving parts get wear and tear, and osteoarthritis is the inevitable result. What you should know.
    All this and more on the latest Survival Medicine Podcast with the Altons!
    Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,
    Joe and Amy Alton

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    Everyday Evidence: TBI Practice Guidelines

    in Health

    On Today's episode we discuss the Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines for Adults with traumatic brain injury and the work Dr. Steven Wheeler and Dr. Amanda Acord-Vira do conducting research related to TBI at West Virginia University.    
    Please help AOTA improve it's podcasts and the translation of research to practice and receive your contact hour for listening by completing this one-minute survey: https://forms.aota.org/forms/everyday_evidence_copy?PODCAST=Everyday Evidence: TBI Practice Guidelines
    Additional Resources:
    Previous guidelines available in AOTA store: https://myaota.aota.org/shop_aota/product/900386?_ga=2.131410575.164824537.1683567977-2097165767.1609778166
    WVU TBI Services Program: https://tbi.cedwvu.org/

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    The Professional Volunteer Fire Department: Jeff Shupe

    in Education

    Host Tom Merrill looks back at FDIC International 2023 and discusses engine company operations for volunteer departments with guest Jeff Shupe.
    Sponsored by MagneGrip, TenCate, and TheFireStore.com

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    May 22: Factors weighing on Edey's looming decision

    in Sports

    Zach Edey will soon make a decision about his future. Let’s talk about the Purdue big man, what factors might weigh in his decision whether to leave for the NBA, on Gold and Black Radio.

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    Matching Talent With Opportunity: Indeed's New Pay for Application Strategy

    in Business

    Matching Talent With Opportunity: Indeed's New Pay for Application Strategy
    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane
    Guest: Raj Mukherjee, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Employer at Indeed
    This episode of At Work in America is sponsored by Paychex, one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. As the workplace continues to evolve, businesses are being forced to adapt and innovate to meet the challenge. Our fifth annual workforce trend study will help you understand this year’s top business challenges — and set your strategic priorities. Get the report, 2023 Priorities for Business Leaders: Trends, Insights, and Ideas for an Evolving Workplace to learn the challenges facing businesses like yours and how you don’t have to go it alone. Visit paychex.com/awia to check it out, today.
    This week we met with Raj Mukherhee from Indeed to talk about about the current labor market, hiring, and connecting with quality talent.
    - Current state of the labor market
    - Employers are facing pain points and barriers to hiring
    - How HR technology can help the inefficient hiring process
    - Indeed is evolving to a matching and hiring platform
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    Some People Don't Even Think Sex Addiction Exists with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    The American Foundation for Addiction Research (AFAR) is a public non-profit that funded research into understanding and effectively treating addiction, with a special focus on sex addiction. Today Carol the Coach will be interviewing Tim Stein, a colleague who wants the putblic to be aware of the research behind sex addiction and the important co-morbity that occurs when people suffer from untreated sex addiction. We will explore some of the value information we have gained from past research, some exciting research that is currently being conducted, as well what research is coming in the near future. Most importantly, we’ll discuss why these research findings are helpful to addicts, partners, and the clinicians who treat them.
    This is important research for addicts and their loved ones!!

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    Great Loop Radio: Story of our Loop - Chris & Roger, Mainship 400

    in Travel

    Chris & Roger share the story of their Great Loop adventure aboard their Mainship 400 including details about the boat and why it was the perfect Great Loop boat for them. They'll also share how they went from being new to boating to being comfortable and competent handling their boat and what they think are the highlights of cruising the Great Loop.
    America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association provides information and inspiration for those planning for, currently cruising, or dreaming about a Great Loop adventure. Join us for events, members-only forum access, marina and fuel discounts, and more! www.greatloop.org/joinus #GreatLoop #Greatloopers #bucketlist #adventureofalifetime #boating #looplife #aglca #boatlife