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    NWCR Radio on CNM #581 - Following laws and not being WOKE

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    Join me and Lucid Libertarian Lori-Ann for an informative show.  The easiest way to destroy a country is to stop following the law of the land.  The law of the land is the Constitution, and even our government iis not following the things the Constitution says it must.  The people who are not following the laws and are in office, must be removed by any means possible.  But, so far we are not, and we do have things at our disposal to do it.  Elections, Convention of States, etc.  But it would take an effort by the people or we WILL cotinue going down the toilet.  And it is up to us because we are the ones in charge.  Not the politicians in Washington D.C. and around this nation.  We also have some voting laws news too.

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    500: DR. KEYES | There Is No Left Or Right, Just One Big Happy, Demonic Uniparty

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    9/13/23: Michele Swinick joins Dr. Alan Keyes on Let's Talk America on www.Brighteon.tv for yet another lively & revealing conversation about all of our useless legislaTURDS & administraTURDS who's only goal in life is to DESTROY America.
    Good thing Michele shares the SOLUTIONS!
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    When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon he said "The Lord is with you mighty warrior" Judges 6:12
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    EVERYTHING is a lie- but the truth is coming!

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    insurrection....money laundering....covid...Maui...voter fraud...its all been about lies......but the truth is coming.

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    The Vito Esposito Show with BIG AL

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    9-11-2001 NEVER FORGET!  22yrs ago today, America experienced one of the most devastating terrorist attack funded by Saudi Arabia.  19 Muslim Men financed by Saudi Arabia highjacked 4 Jet Airliners using them as weapons, flying one jet plane into the North Tower of the Twin Towers in NYC. Islamic Terrorists flew one plane into the South Tower of the Twin Towers; Islamic Terrorist flew one plane into the US Pentagon.  a 4th plane highjacked by islamic terrorists never made it to its Washington DC target, as American Patriots aboard Flight 93 learned of the three earlier islamic terrorists attacks, stormed the cockpit and downed Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA, sacrificing their lives to Protect our Nations Capitol! True Heroism! True Patriots! 
    22yrs later, have we've forgotten? Rest assured Islam has not forgotten, many in the islamic world were celebrating after the attacks on NYC & Washington DC, on 9-11-01. Some in DC have appeared to forget, including the mentally challenged Joe Biden whose Handlers sent Old Joe not to NYC in commeration of 9-11, but to Alaska 4,300 miles away! Who knew there would be a 9-11 ceremony on September 11, 2023 in NYC? What a slap in the face by the POTUS, but we should no longer expect anything less from an Anti-American Regime! 
    Global Patriot Radio, 15 years on the radio, first airing on 9-12-2008. 
    God Bless our Troops & GOD BLESS AMERICA! 

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    The 10 Best Western Movies of All Time

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    Mike and movie expert, Tom Gaitens will reveal their choices for the 10 Best Western Movies of All Time.

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    JUSTICE IS COMING! Rose Colombo, author/Host/ The Essence of Justice

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    ROSE M COLOMBO, Internationa Irwin Award Winner and Poet; Media Host, and bio pubished in "Who's Who of American Women, and the Legendary Advocate for Justice Speaks Out on the Corruption and Injustices that has come against God, America, Americans, Constitution, Morality, and the U.S. Dollar, gold, silver, and hijacking America and America's wealth.  Time to wake up by this "Crusader" of 30 years empowering, enlightening, and awakening people in the USA and around the world by founding, "Women Fight Back" and leading a grassroots movement exposing injustices and legal abuses that spread like a cancer on all levels of govermment and Wall Street - NOT ALL - but too many who sold out their souls, America, and the U.S. Constitution and Sovereignty of this Great Republic that once operated by the Rule of Law.
    Colombo's amazing books by Rose M Colombo under books on amazon.com and can be ordered from book stores:  Coming Soon:  Fight Back Legal Abuse II by Rose M Colombo
    1.  OBAMASAURUS:  The Legend How the Judeo-Chistian Dinosaur Nation was Depopulated and Made Extinct, political satire and fictional adventure story.  This International Irwin Award-Winning adventure story with an Orwellian Twist is a 5 Star Review who critics say will make you very concerned about our humanity.
    2.  Is America Under Martial Law?  Empower and Enligten your self and expand your mind.
    3.  Dressing Up and Dressing Down by Rose M Colombo  -  a blas from the past to the present and how globalism has challenged the American Fashion Industry.
    4.  Oops!  What's the Name of My Lipstick?  A must have journal to track favorite brands, stores, colors, names, and much more and makes a fantastic gift!  

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    Tom B stone- Dont get me started

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    Political and social commentary 

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    School Insecurity, Defending the American Dream, & Patriot Music

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    Wayne Black, founder of Wayne Black & Associates and the author of School Insecurity: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents and Educators on School Security, Protecting Your Children, and Fostering a Safe Learning Environment joined me to discuss school security and why every parent, grandparent, and teacher should read School Insecurity. Winsome Sears, is the Lt. Governor of Virginia and now, author of How Sweet It Is: Defending the American Dream. She joined me to discuss her message. Matt Fitzgibbons is a historian, a musician, and the founder of Patriot Music.com. Matt joined me to discuss how politics is currently affecting the music industry, plus he made a special announcement.
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