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The Nancy Who Drew

The Nancy Who Drew


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This show is about bridging worlds, creative imagination, and healing wounds, as I found it was possible to do in my memoir "The Nancy Who Drew," the memoir that solved a mystery.

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Welcome to the Good Friday Show. What does it mean, "...and the meek shall inherit"? Who are the meek? Why will they inherit the Earth?

Poetry bridges Outer and Inner worlds. It bridges Time and Space. It bridges the hemispheres of the brain. Poetry makes us more whole. Poems can be sacred and inspired, or humorous and inspired. Or deep, or light, or joyful or sad.... more

The Bridge of Enchantment is Love. Love is a bridge. Love the bridge. Love bridges everything. Love is the bridge to enchantment. We continue with the theme of Bridging Worlds. This week it's the Bridge of Enchantment, which... more

Continuing with our theme of Bridging Worlds with Creative Imagination, we look at the letter H as the perfect representative of BWwCI. Holistic is from the Greek holos or whole, in reference to the theory that regards nature as consisting of... more

Continuing our topic from last week, Bridging Worlds. This is Part 2. Creative Imagination. In the physical world of 3D if we want to get to another place we can jump. We can stretch. We can ride an elevator, take the lift, climb atop an... more

The Inner Life vs. The Outer Life We are born into a particular reality, we learn and grow in this reality, happily or unhappily, and then we pass on, pass away, die, and come to life in a different reality. A different plane. The plane of... more

This show is dedicated to the memory of Whitney Houston. From ?Dancing in the Flames? by Marion Woodman ?The rose burns in the fire of love, a love that pierces to the very heart of our own self-destruction and self-creation. There we... more

I personally cannot think of any more important topic during these crazy wonderful shifting times than healing our wounds and letting go of everything that has held us back in any way from being the true Divine selves that we are. I... more
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