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    Collaborative "Niche Marketing"CTFO 2.0 Smart Shop Smart Ship

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    Grandpa Bills Grunts & Groans-Mentor Moments continues today with our topic:
    When it comes to promoting our brand, collaborative marketing is usually the key to success as a TEAM. Grandpa revisits an old tenet that overviews marketing strength, and interests with those of other like-minded businesses and or customers, or preferably BOTH segments.This is to achieve more significant results than you could alone. By collaborating with our peers, we can inject new life into our business in different ways, including: 
    Being blessed to share with new customers Building a positive brand association all along the way. In short, a collaborative marketing strategy bolstering  our teams exposure through side-by-side peer group team "niche marketing"
    Todays example Smart Shop Smart Ship
    Drive engagement- bhsales.vpweb.com

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    How To Exit Wealthy

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    Ryan Niddel has helped with the acquisition or exit of more than 11 companies while seeing their collective revenue surpass more than $237M.
    Ryan and Adam talk about the buying and selling game and how reading the rules helps you gain an advantage against other players. 
    Tune in and hear Ryan's answers to questions such as:
    How do I move my company from 2 million a year to the next level? Can you run multiple businesses at once? What is unique about the RNS approach to business growth? What is the RNS 45 day guarantee? How is the most important thing in a businessman's life overcoming limiting beliefs? And much, much more!