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Get ready to experience the adrenaline of radio again. If a show that is more intense and informative is your idea of radio, then this is the show to listen to. The host of Lone Wolf Radio, Kiler Davenport, brings a heightened intensity and a heightened level of freedom to talk radio. In this rare show, you get the freedom to make your own opinions, speak your mind and explore any topic you want to. If you are easily triggered or overly sensitive, this is not the show for you. Buckle in and get ready for the ride.

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Tonight I will talk about why we have to get so down and dirty on this show and why we do not have time to softshoe the narrative or water down the issues, We are living on a planet that is dying and in a Country that has been completely taken over by forces that want us all dead. Our children are already food for worms and our dollar is completely worthless and we are moving now into one of the most dangerous and deadly dystopias anyone can imagine. Don't even think about business as usual or the status quo because that fictional game is over and done. We are on the final path to our demise if you are not preparing you are a complete idiot because there will be no escape and no place to hide. You must learn the skills that we will be teaching in order to have a chance, We go live at 6 pm pacifitime and the call in number to the show is 646-716-8423, This show date is 2 -28 -2024.
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We shall fight to the death to abolish this dragon that we have let evolve and we shall not be afraid nor will we consent, We are recruiting a top gun investigative team and are looking for people who will not bow to the system or conform... more

Are any of you reading this show poster thinking OMG our country has been completely taken over by foreign invaders. Our bodies have been completely altered and are now the property of the deep state and we are not in control of... more

Open mic tonight we will be talking to folks who have an interesting story to tell about life and how they are dealing with all of the massive changes that we are facing in 2024. We go live at 6 pm Pacific time and the call-in number for the... more

The matrix is in constant flux and change and we have been coned into many of these changes because of a lack of awareness and lack of education, Most folks take the easy path and like to remain in the comfort zones that they have grown... more

Some of the smartest people in the world who are deep in the know are saying that the game is over and we will not recover, We as a divided collective have done too little too late and now we will suffer the consequences of our inaction.... more

In this groundbreaking episode, we dive deep into the heart of women's empowerment, celebrating the remarkable journey of resilience and strength that has defined the 21st century. Join us as we explore stories of incredible... more

Getting folks to work together comprehensively in today's world has become very difficult, to say the least, We are living in a me me me kind of world, and egos are running wild and and out of control in the majority of spaces and places. Team... more

Team building is overrated and very difficult to pull off especially when the ego and pride get in the way and also folks who are way too sensitive to be in a mature top gun group and run the team as if it were a military special ops... more

Many people have really good ideas and also are visionaries and dreamers and want to bring these ideas to the state of reality and get moving on the projects but most never make the grade because they do not understand how to write grants... more

Everything that could possibly go wrong in a simulation as the one we are existing in has gone wrong and is getting worse by the second. We have the data now through our deep-diving research that Americans are completely being... more

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