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Goddess of the Month is Artemis, the Protectress of Women, Children, Nature and the Vulnerable. Over the summer, I found an ancient Latin prayer to Artemis which I wrote next to the glyph for Sagittarius on a sticky note and attached to... more

The Goddess Lilith is an archetype of the Rejected Feminine. But she also represents our deepest feminine wounds as well as how to heal them. When all pretenses are gone, you are left with your authentic self. Lilith makes numerous... more

The election is over. Our country is heading in a different direction than where its been over the past 8 years. Loads of frightening promises were made on the campaign trails. What does any of it mean now and where do we go from here?... more

All month long we are exploring the themes of Lilith over on the blog. In this episode of The Goddess Diaries Radio, we will talk about the symbolism of hair, our peculiar shaving rituals, hairy women and the unconscious consent of... more

Lilith is a misunderstood Goddess, often feared as the "wild feminine" creature of chaos. Let's take another approach and own her wisdom. You can do so by looking to your personal natal chart, and I'm going to show you how on this... more

Goddess of the Month: Lilith

Super Woman Syndrome, a name I've been using to describe adrenal fatigue and all it entails, is becoming more and more common and yet, traditional doctors seem to be in the dark about it. I'm not saying to ditch your doctor but I... more

All month long on the blog, the theme is Radical Self Care! Today I'm chatting with Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman, author of "The Book of Sacred Baths." http://amzn.to/2cgTel8 "Immerse Yourself in Healing Waters for Relaxation,... more

This month on the blog, I'm talking about Self Care for the Awakening Woman and in this episode, we will explore the story of Melusine. Did I mention I really love the misunderstood Goddesses? Melusine is one I've come to... more

If something were to happen RIGHT now (loss of income, job, spouse or loved one, a natural disaster, an accident, etc…) how well are you able to cope? Do you have a solid self care plan to carry you through the tough times? Do... more
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