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Fearless Generations


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Mother daughter life coaching team, teaching/discussing the 12 steps to Freedom. While supporting you through the generational gap to who you want to be.

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What have you learned about surrender this month? Have you been able to trust, accept, or let go of anything? Have you been able to see the possibilities that surrendering brings into your life? Have you gained clarity on where you need to be and where you are going? Have you been able to have compassion for yourself as you have learned to listen? This can all happen when you are willing to surrender.
  • by KellyFox
  • in Self Help
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Being humble is an acceptance that you don't always know what to do or say. It is a willingness to ask for help or follow instructions. It is trusting yourself and your faith in others as well as your higher power. Being humble is being teachable.

Having an open heart gives you the chance to see a new way of life. It will change your perspective and shift your view of situations. It will allow you to have compassion and listen with new ears. Having an open heart opens you up to... more

Surrender is an acceptance of your life plan or process. Accepting that you are right where you are supposed to be. Trusting that there is a force watching out for you and it has a great plan for you. Surrender is letting go of the past, shame,... more

Avoiding your current reality will not create change or fix the situation that has you avoiding it. Living in the present can be a challenge, especially for worriers, planners, or reminiscers. Though it is worth the effort. Magic happens in the... more

Where is your focus? Are you living for 5 years from now, or wish things were the way they were 3 years ago? Focusing on today will bring you present and allow you to appreciate all you have going on right now. Accepting your journey as is... more

You may only be able to hear your intention in the present. If you are in the past or future how is it going to talk to you? Your intuition is based on the here and now. As you follow your intuition, you will be guided to the next best step... more

What does ?being present? mean to you? When you are living in the present, you are not regretting the past or worrying about the future. You are fully engaged in your life and completely mindful of your choices.

Having 5 proactive behaviors you can use anytime anywhere is a proactive behavior. Proactive behaviors stem from you making better choices for yourself. Which includes taking accountability for you and your life. Saying Yes to... more

We started this month with talking about being accountable to yourself and some different ways you can practice this. When you are risking and keeping the promises you made for yourself, your confidence will soar to new heights. You... more

Being accountable to others has always been easier for me than being accountable to myself. How is it for you? Putting myself on my own priority list and making my commitments to myself important. It is very empowering to say... more

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