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Who Do You Think You Are

Dr. Vie Radio Who, Do You Think You Are?


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Over a decade ago, an Indian female scientist, based in Switzerland, began to delve into healthy natural living, to support better lives, better world and a state of compassionate and insightful humanity called super consciousness. In her 2014 book, Taming The Female Impostor-Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, the secrets to better the world were shared...which are very pertinent for today's problems and crises. She shares why and how women hold the keys to change the world from ill health, depression, and unhappiness to wellness, love and joy in your personal life, home, communities, nation and the world at large. Dr. Vie was born in South Africa. Her experiences and challenges, while living solo in six countries, including USA, provide powerful perspectives on inner peace in a fast paced world. She is a global Inspirational Speaker and motivates both men and women of all ages through her Research, Academy, SuperFoods & Radio shows. Her humanitarian work in Africa focuses on skills training and wholesome jobs to erase inequality, inequity and poverty. For interviews or information go to DrVie.com

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When a youngster, consumed by hatred, harboring feelings of apartheid, blows a fuse and massacres nine innocent Black people in a house of worship in Charleston, what does this say about the inner state of our minds? I've lived in... more

World Yoga Day, thanks to India's new Prime Minister Modi's request to the United Nations last year, we have a chance to delve deep into this ancient path to transforming personal well being and along the way transforming the... more

Ebola What's Next For You? Why was there a delay in crucial help to Africa? Where were the doctors and leaders? What could have been done better? Here's a hear to heart from Dr. Vie about what this all means for you and why you... more

After the exciting women in computing conference yesterday, and Microsoft CEO Satya's remark, I thought that today our gathering should spin around what you do for a living and more specifically women in the work place. Whether you are a... more

Pleasure to pain! 50% of men and 30% of women around the globe drink alcohol. In the USA alone over 20 million 12 years to 20 years old are drinkers. 23 million use street drugs. Every 15 seconds a women is battered by her... more

Can you be happy each day? Discover how you can tap into a very simple technique, rejuvenate your energies, reboot your life and enjoy a blissful day. Over 40 million Americans experience sleep problems, which result in... more

Dr. Vie chats with her good friend Dr. John Gray in this part 3/3 part series on how to restore the health of the brain and rejuvenate the mind, making the difference between inner peace or frustration. Both Dr. Vie and Dr. Gray are... more

Dr. Vie talks to Dr. John Gray, Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus, about their favorite focus, the brain, the mind and super-consciousness life energies our brain, decrease stress, prevent autism, depression, handle ADHD... more

In this 3-part series about protecting your brain and preventing brain disorders like autism, aspergers, mental illness, parkinsons, ADHD, depression, alzheimers...with Dr. John Gray and Dr. Vie talking about the key areas in their... more

Dr. Vie talks with Neelam Toprani on the ancient science from the Vedas, Ayurveda, as they explore the secrets in Taming The Female Impostor- Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, Dr. Vie's guide on how to achieve contentment... more