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Wisdom from Within

Wisdom from Within


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Wisdom from Within holds the divine cure to all life problems. Offering practical and intuitive advice, Dr. Harra has the solution to your every challenge.

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Love is like a maze: it can leave us lost, confused, and unsure of where to turn. But understanding the truth of our relationship can eliminate our doubts. There exist only four types of love relationships -- soulful, karmic, transitory, and... more

Call in tonight to have all your life questions answered! Carmen personally takes your calls and guides you in the right direction to achieve your goals and attain peace of mind in 2014.

What awaits you this brand new year? Find out as Carmen takes your calls, answers all your burning questions, and personally guides you through your greatest concerns. She will also offer her listeners empowering meditations,... more

On any given day, we are faced with obstacles and challenges, frustrating issues and unexpected events. Many times we can feel overwhelmed by it all and not know what to do or where to turn. But there exists infallible wisdom which --... more

We were meant to live joyful, harmonious lives, but we often unknowingly cause our own suffering. Our very own negative thoughts and fearful emotions keep us trapped in a cycle of in pain, frustration, anxiety, and despair. This leads us to... more

Many of us fear certain elements of life: we're uncertain about the future, concerned over our love lives, and doubtful of our health. But what we don't understand is that fear stands like a wall between us and the joyful lives we... more

Women dream of their wedding day, planning it to be one of the happiest days of their lives. But with the divorce rate at over 50%, many of us are beginning to wonder: what does it take not only to get married but to stay married? The... more

From teaching us karmic lessons to shifting us out of our comfort zone, each one of our relationships serves a unique purpose. But why do some people come and go as quickly as the seasons while others remain for a lifetime? The... more

Do you practice the art of unconditional love? Does your partner? You may be surprised to learn that love is often accompanied by a dependency: financial or social status, physical appearance, etc. While conditional love is more frequent,... more