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Minister Barrett

The Christian Humanism CommUNITY Church


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The Christian Humanism CommUNITY Church of Love (C.H.C.C.L.) was formerly The Pluralistic CommUNITY of the Guiding Light. What started as an innovative, pluralistic approach to spirituality seeking to embrace all religions – as well as atheists and agnostics – evolved into Christian Humanism. This was a natural progression because I actually am and was a non-theist trying to get the world’s believers and nonbelievers to “play nicely” without so much emphasis on my own non-belief in a “creator-God”. Additionally, I’m a former aspiring Christian minister who – though possessing very intimate knowledge of the Bible – always viewed if metaphorically. So after embracing my non-belief I still acknowledged the benefit of spiritual structure and sought out a discipline that fit; determined that if I didn’t find one, I would codify one of my own. Religious Humanism seemed like a great fit but I firmly believe that a Christian Humanism ministry allows for that “synthesizing and dynamic force” referred to in the 1933 Humanist Manifesto I. An actual “Religious” Humanist Manifesto, though not explicitly named, it proffered that “to establish such a religion [shaped for the needs of this age] is a major necessity of the present.” I vehemently concur. Many “mainstream” Christians don’t take the Bible literally and thus are able to disregard the edicts to kill nonbelievers, witches, blasphemers, gay men, etc. Yet they will still balk at the fact that the C.H.C.C.L. uses it despite maintaining it to be a book written by primitive yet sagacious men as a codification of order and who espoused it as divine in order to insure acceptance of it. Many “mainstream” nonbelievers will likewise maintain that use of a man-made text considered sacred by many serves to compromise the discipline of Humanism. We aim to show both groups how wrong they are. To assist in our efforts you may donate by clicking the “show extras” button at the bottom of the page. The call-in number is: (718) 664-9091.

On-Demand Episodes

This will be the very last of a series of podcasts designed to clarify the direction and vision of PCGL. Starting next week, PCGL will be purely a weekly fellowship with messages drawn from both religious and secular texts and information.... more

The message for today seeks to bridge the gap between believers in an all-powerful God of Creation and non-believers. Too often the conversation between these groups of people are polarizing and dangerously... more

Today's message centers on the urgency of gathering all "lovers of goodness" under one tent; on one accord. The intent is to break the barriers that keep peoples of various religions and atheists/agnostics from concentrating on their... more

I'm back with a new attitude, new time and new format. Rather that type a lengthy description, I will post a video here that will tell it all.

Micheal Jackson's recent memorial service reminded me that many Christians hold to the belief that their loved ones go to heaven and wait for them to join them. But is that accurate? According to scripture -- Christian and otherwise... more

In this segment we will examine the meaning of scriptures that say that Jesus is the lord. We will ask the question whether not his "lordship" equates with him being "God" and, if so, on what level. As a part of a Holy Trinity? Listener call-in... more

The major impediment to most people's ability to fully embrace the validity of other religions is the fear of the "anti-God" -- i.e. satan, the devil, Iblis, Lucifer etc. So examining just who and what he is and isn't is key to our ablity to unite in a... more

Following up on last week's segment "Faith & Your Internal Guiding Light", we will examine just how that "inner godself" can lead us to the CONNECTIVENESS necessary for a true sense of commUNITY WITHIN your chosen religion and... more

In this show we will examine the importance of faith and being in tune with your own internal "guiding light". We will also examine scriptures that support these important aspects of one's spiritual walk. Listener call-in number is (646)... more
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