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The Rifleman


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"A Rifleman never stops learning, a Rifleman never stops teaching. A Rifleman continuously seeks ways to to protect the freedoms and liberties the Founding Fathers left us, to improve himself, his home, his family, his community, his state and his nation, everyday of his life. A Rifleman adapts, a Rifleman overcomes and a Rifleman persists. This is not just some fancy gilded rhetoric we throw around like popcorn and pennies. This is the code we live by here. There is nothing wrong, no matter how often the mass of talking heads tells you it is wrong, or outdated, or corny, stupid and cavemanish, with having a code to live by in your life. Modern Americans have forgotten their code. They have forgotten how to be Americans. We are here to help them remember."-Scout BattleRoad is dedicated to teaching the skills, techniques and mindset needed to defend yourself and your loved ones in real world scenarios, as well as making sure you have the information needed to help you safeguard and defend the freedoms and liberty that living in this nation affords you.

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This is a time for all of you tocall in and reminice about Scout. I'm sure that many of you have some things you would like to say, erhaps something left unsaid before that you want to express now. Michael lovedthis show, let's make one... more

About twice a year we will do a show where we go over the skills and techniques required to make the shot. Tonight will be one of those shows. A refresher on using your sling during shooting. The shooting positions used by Riflemen,... more

Hye Guys, Doingt the show on thursdays was strated because I had to keep the weekends open and wanted to do the show during the week in case there were events coming for the weekend that I needed to promote when I was at... more

I want to talk about several of the battles that occurred in the month of May, during The American Revolutionary War. The Battle of Cedars, Megs Raid and The Battle of Waxhaws. These battles were part of the eight long years of The... more

We will cover a variety of subjects tonight. I want to talk about training in inclement weather, with gear on, wearing protective eye wear and gloves. All of the protective gear you need to wear can make a big difference in how you... more

There has been a lot of discussion of late concerning what would happen if we had any type of an event which would cause local, state or federal government to go on high alert or actually shut down all, or portions, of our city, state... more

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed December 14th, 2010 in Arizona's Peck Canyon by Mexican bandits carrying weapons illegally provided to them through Operation Fast and Furious. Kent Terry, Agent Brian Terry's brother, will be our... more

In the lead up tp the events of April 19th, 1775, there were a series of events which primed the pump of the American COlonists and allowed them to become very prepared for that first day of conflict. These events were known as "The... more

The American Revolutionary War did not start off out of the blue. It had been percolating for over 40 years, and can trace back it's roots almost 100 years. It began with the people's belief that they had the ability to govern them selves,... more

The Second part of our "Situational Awareness" discussion
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