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The “Voice of Change” is very conscious of world happenings and the cycles of life. Thus, we adjust our programming accordingly. This is a most unique time in our history. As a planet we are now aligning with the constellation of Aquarius. This constellation is emitting very strong energies of LIGHT & LOVE toward Earth and revealing all that has been hidden for SO long! All that has been hidden is being revealed. This is the reason for the chaos, showing up in many ways! And yet, let us have faith that these are the pains of a planet & species being Rebirthed! The opportunities are many, as are the challenges. Join me on a journey into loving…truth, joy and peace, even in the midst of great change and challenge. Together We Learn…Together We Grow! www.TheArtOfLivingLife.org

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Welcome everyone to Blog Talk Radio and the Voice of Change. Today is the ending program is this current series, "What Makes Healing Possible?" The conversation today will be centered around the use of movement and visualization by use of the mind for health, healing and well-being. Although many teachings touch on the power of visualization and movement, it is the Teaching and Practice of QI GONG that brings all 4 of these together in one practice: VISUALIZATION, MOVEMENT, SOUND OR VIBRATION AND BREATH. It has been discovered through the centuries by the Masters of Qi Gong, when you bring all of these aspects together, the results are even greater! Why, you might ask? What I've learned is that health is improved and healing is made possible as the channels of the body are opened and the Qi is able to flow easily. All of these practices work together for greater health, healing and well-being. I am a Certified Group Practice Leader with www.SpringForestQiGong.com I feel that this organization founded by Master Chunyi Lin is excellent for learning Qi Gong and being able to improve one's health. Feel free to visit my website: www.TheArtOfLivingLife.org
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Welcome everyone to Blog Talk Radio. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be with you for this program today. Seeing that we can breathe on a regular basis we come to accept it as normal and most do not think much about this process.... more

Welcome everyone to the Voice of Change. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be here again for another segment to this series of talks on, "What Makes Healing Possible"? Today I'll be talking about the Power found in Sound and the... more

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Voice of Change. Have you ever wondered what makes healing possible? Over the last 2 weeks I've shared much about the amazing Teaching of Qi Gong. With its 4,000 + year old history, it has gained a... more

Welcome All to the Voice of Change. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be here to share with you more about what makes healing possible. Today I'll be talking about the attributes of YOU that makes healing possible. Sri Aurobindo,... more

Welcome everyone to Blog Talk Radio and the Voice of Change. Have you ever thought of what actually makes healing possible? Why do some people heal easily and others not so much? Although this has been a question in my mind for... more

Welcome all to Blog Talk Radio and the Voice of Change. In our very busy world, I want to take time out to talk about YOU! Are you really taking care of yourself? Are you enjoying life and all it's offerings? Are you Awake to the possibilities... more

Welcome everyone to the Voice of Change. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be with you for this program. What do you think is the ONE thing that you can easily do on a regular basis with a child, that can make a huge difference in the... more

Today's program is centered around the real needs of children from birth to 18 and even beyone. I invite you to reflect on this question and think of what it is you offer children, as parents or teachers, that is truly beneficial. I invite YOU... more

Today I'll be talking about the Art of Listening to Infants and Young Children. Decades ago I was introduced to the amazing work of Dr. Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber, both pioneers in the fielf of deeply listening to infants and young... more

The POWERS within you are many and varied. What do you think your greatest POWERS are? I was going to name many of them here, however, I think it will be even more powerful if I give you the opportunity to ponder on this... more
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