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Zorra* Zaraya * Jane

Zorra of Hollow Earth


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Spiritual messages from Zorra from Hollow Earth, spiritual energy healing and discussion of present earthly concerns.

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Welcome beloved Masters, How far have you come on your journey of life so far? What do you do daily that makes you feel happy, frustrated or sad? Some would say that they will be happy once we see the positive changes that we were... more

Hello beloved Masters, Today, June 6th, we look forward to a Healing Call. Many are going through emotional and mental stresses. There are those who are suffering from physical ailments. It does not matter the concern or illness.... more

Time to lift yourself higher and higher in the true reality of what is, the 5th Dimension. Why continue to wallow in the past of 3rd dimensional reality? There's so much love and joy flowing if one can only realize that there is heaven... more

Welcome beloved Masters, We are honored to be here with you today. We see the struggles and suffering that appear insurmountable and difficult to deal or cope with it and yet we see you rising above it all. We wish to tell you that... more

Healing is the theme for this Sunday's call. Many are going through more intensified Ascension symptoms due to the very strong and intense energies streaming upon the surface of Mother Terra and all of its inhabitants. How are... more

We have been through tumultuous times personally and collectively. We have kept our head above water. How much longer can you last? Yes, we have heard over and over again, to keep the faith, keep our vibrations high and so on... more

Beloved Masters, Just when it's almost time to give up, we find ourselves at a turning point where we now know there's no turning back! Where do we find ourselves now. Well, the cabal is actually finished. They no longer have the... more

We talk a lot about what's happening on our surface, the big events coming, about the exchange politics and more but we don't engage in too much discussion about meditation. Tonight we are blessed to finally hear from Aang Aakha, who comes... more

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is! We are at a magnificient moment in history. The blessings are on the way and that is Truth. You are going to take a gigantic step forward. This is what many of you have been waiting for! Take a... more

Our Beloved Zorra will bring us updates from a higher perspective of what is really happening. Many continue to perceive realities to be difficult and painful while others are feeling the heaviness of the energies flooding their bodies and... more