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Mike Palumbo

Your Career with Mike Palumbo


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"Your Career with Mike Palumbo” is a talk show dealing with career issues - Mike Palumbo's weekly “Career Insider's Tip of the Week!” will motivate you in YOUR CAREER and help you find employment - in any market!

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Some interviewers can be very tricky and, quite frankly, very annoying with their interview questions. What's the point? Just when I think I've heard and seen everything when it comes to interviewers and their crazy tactics, I'll hear about... more

The best way to leverage your career is to explore opportunities when you are gainfully employed, not looking, and happy! That's exactly how to leverage your career! What? That sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it? Why should you... more

Are you hiding something in your resume or CV? Why? They'll find out anyway! If you knew whatever you're hiding, or seemingly trying to hide, on your resume ultimately would be discovered would you do it? And, as someone who reads a... more

Did you know that most people struggle with the question of their current salary, or salary history, when they are asked during an interview or when they're filling out job applications for employment? If you don't struggle with this... more

Is your career field still in demand? You must have realistic career choices when deciding on a new career for you. Supply and demand is huge when it comes to your marketabilitiy and career choices. You must be realistic when... more

The best way to negotiate a raise is to become in demand! When you're the best at your position, within your company, you will be in demand and command a raise! That's right! You won't have to ask! Let's discuss how you can be in... more

When buying real estate it is location, location, location! And when choosing a new career it is technology, technolgy, technology! If you're currently in a dying industry, or just bored with what you're doing at your current job, you must find a... more

The only question a company has about you when you're interviewing is, "What can YOU do for the company?" That's it! And I don't care what the interview question is, that's what they want to know. So, how do you deal with this when... more

When you're preparing for a mock interview make sure the person interviewing you is serious. In order to practice and get anything out of a mock interview you, and especially the interviewer, must take it seriously. Listen now!

When you're interviewing for a position it is very important that you stay positive about previous employers. The interviewer is looking for signs of a bad character, so being negative will reflect badly on you, so don't do it! Stay positive... more
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