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Mike Palumbo

Your Career with Mike Palumbo


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"Your Career with Mike Palumbo” is a talk show dealing with career issues - Mike Palumbo's weekly “Career Insider's Tip of the Week!” will motivate you in YOUR CAREER and help you find employment - in any market!

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In order for you to get job offers you need interviews, right? So you must do whatever is necessary to get an interview! You must get creative. There are really three types of interviews - listen now! Good luck to you! Mike Palumbo... more

There is a lot of employment terminology used in help wanted advertisements that might be keeping you from pursuing excellent opportunities, don't let this happen to you. Proceed! Listen now! Mike Palumbo... more

The old saying is true, "There's plenty of room at the top" but do you know why? If you think there are a ton of reasons why you're wrong! Listen Now! Mike Palumbo http://www.artificialintellegencerecruitment.com

Your qualifications are part of the interview, but it's not the biggest part! You must be yourself when you're interviewing. Listen now! Mike Palumbo https://www.stoprecruitingforfree.com

Is there a way to shorten your path to success? I'm not talking about a short cut, but is there a way to shorten your path? Yes, it's called an advisor or mentor. Listen Now! Mike Palumbo http://www.CareerRadioNetwork.com

In all of your dealings in life, whether it's looking for your first job, changing careers, interviewing for your dream job, or even going through something in your personal life, you have to believe that failure isn't an option! Listen Now! Good... more

The truth is, whether a recruiter works for a large corporation or within an independent recruiting firm they all have one thing in common. They all want to fill positions for their company or client. Period. So make recruiters your friends not... more

If you're not getting the results you want in your job search. Wait, back up, and start over immediately. If the research in the beginning of your job search is off the entire job search and interviewing process will be off. Everything!... more

Where are the jobs of the future? If you're a business or an individual looking for a future look into planes, trains, ships and automobiles! Transportation isn't going away anytime soon. Listen Now! Good luck to you! Mike Palumbo Construction... more

If you're looking to get into business for yourself, stay-at-home or otherwise, make sure you're not buying a job. So make sure you do your research so you're not about to buy a job. What do I mean by "buying a job?" Listen now! If you're... more
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