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Picture yourself sitting at your family kitchen table and discussing a topic of interest. That is the feeling we want everybody to have as they share their thoughts or ask questions. Your show is to have a place where you can call to discuss real life issues. The concept is not to brain wash people but to allow people to hear other opinions on issues and make up their own mind. In other words...get people to think! We will step into issues like politics and religion, student athletes, lost loved ones, supplements, health, and business to name a few. We are open to expand topics requested for future shows because this is your place where your voice is important. You will find that your host is a man of faith and his opinions are based on that faith. But people who do not share this faith are welcome and treated with respect.

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Welcome to another show tonight. We just finished the 7 part series on Living in the light in the end by Brother Woodward. You can go to Bill's FB page or the Your Place FB page and click on the links to listen to them again and share with your friends. All 7 links are there for you to listen to or download to any smart device for free! The Apostle Paul laid out a plan in these lessons that if we apply them. We should have no fear of anything going on in this world. Tonight we are once again bringing you a look at the apostle Paul from Sinner to saint. This lesson is being presented by a college professor that believes the bible is established in history, geography, and is the inspired word of GOD! He brings things out that you would never hear brought to you in this format. We are not saying that he is 100% right on everything he brings to the table. But I can promise you that he will get you to see the bible in a different way then you would have ever looked at it from just church Sunday school, or bible class at church. I promise you need to have a pencil and paper handy to take notes. But if you are listening and to busy to get it all the first time you hear it. All of our past shows are in the archives on our show page. We also post links to them on our FB page. These shows are free for you to download to any smart device and share as part of your witness or ministry. We pray that this series of lessons on the life of Paul blesses you! We can all argue on things we think the bible tells us. But take caution that we do not argue with the bible. If you want to ask a question or make a comment. All you have to do is at the end of the show push the number 1 on your phone. We will identify you by the last four digits of your phone number when we place you on the air. We would love for you to share where you are from and your name if you do not mind.
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This is the final lesson of Living in the light in the end time. This is part 7 of this wonderful lesson on how we are supposed to live. We hope and pray that this has been a help to you. Together we have been seeking to find the proper directions... more

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Welcome to the show tonight. The title of the message tonight and for the next few weeks if Jesus does not come back before we get these shows played for you is "Living in the Light of the End" by Ramond Woodward. This is a series... more

We had a tech problem where the scheduled show did not upload to the web site. So we brought you a show that details the plan of salvation as we see it is layed out in the bible.

We have tried to share with our listeners messages and bible teachings that we feel that GOD wants our listeners to hear. Wild Bill will tell you that he has found that with school, life, and even spiritual things. That it is easy to add what you... more

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