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Gospel outreach with songs and words of encouragement to bless your day.

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Today we will be honored to have a special guest for the month of October. A Silver Fox is in the house and we welcome her from the bottom of our hears. She will share her book and all the infomation God lays on her heart. A woman of wisdon and filled with the spirit of the living God. Welcome Laura McClure
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Bible Study time on the Voice of Joy Thank you for sharing in this sp. eci.al time on the Voice of Joy. Bring a bible a note pad and a pen. Open your heart and hear what thus says the Lord. You will be blessed on a road to success in your... more

Standing on the side of the road was a donkey, tied up, left alone, a set up for Jesus to potray his entry into the city of Jerusalun for this special day. The donkey was part of a master plan for the salvation story. A lowly part of creation yet... more

We will be reading from the word of God on the passion of Christ. He loves us enouth to give his all. He was slain on an old rugged cross. The world dispised him. The romans tried to crush his spirit. but neither death hell or the... more

The feast that brought all people from all places together to celebrate a religious ceremony but Jesus turned it all around for a world that needed more than a fat tuesday meal or .a Wednesday night session or a Thursday fast. Jesus came to... more

This is the time to share out thoughts and take a look at our lives as we line up with the Word of God. We are bless to have this time together no matter how long. We value the Word of God and pray we can venture into study that will... more

Are you in denail about your salvation? Are you in denial about your relation with Jesus Christ. Do not rish loosing out on Gods salvation plan. It costs more than you realize. Take on the whole value of Gods love extended to you today... more

Jesus is the light of the World. If we walk in the light as he shines in our lives we can see a better day, a better way, a better world, a better cause and a better me and you. His light shines so we can shine and show somebody life is not... more

Bible Study in the word of God will enhance your understanding of not only who God is but why things happen and how we are to accept the truth that God does not allow things to happen We must avoid the pitfalls of sin The flesh... more

Keep the faith in all situations. Come to far to give up now. You have the inner strength to make it. Today you may feel like llwhats the use. Well, if God needs you he chose you for a reason. He knows how much you can bere He... more

Lets go back to the book of Psalms and see what is in store for us today. I like the book of Psalms because it brings us joy and praise and assurance of many blessings. Most of all it tells us how to avoid worldly situations. Ready lets read.... more