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Toxic masculinity argument pays off. Men are dying at an accelerated rate led by suicide, overdoses and despair related poor health iisues.

When enough is enough people go to the street. Very dangerous, never give controllers an excuse to crack down.Peacful resistance is the right way

I do not remember when Eric Holder refused to appear on Fast And Furious because Obama said privelege anyone calling it obstruction. Bahgdadi dead , move on.

Tell me what's the difference between the two sides when it comes to usuing foreign assets as political tools? Why does the media have the power to judge it?

While I think the Republican storming of the impeachment proceedings was theatrics, It was still what I would have done.

Ed Snowden a whistleblower but not the right sort still facing life in prison and no one in congress has the guts to stand up for.him and Protect this whistleblower. Whistleblowers are not equal under the law because of politics. What him on... more

Time to tell the social manipulators that are the major political parties that we do not fall for it and refuse to support them

Villified Tulsi Gabbard fights back

The end of due process on parade while exclaiming the Constitution needs protecting.

Progressives congress members hate war until you stop it and their lobbyist masters give them thier marching orders