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Heracane Anne & Gunny discuss current events, real news & politics. Wolf PaQ Radio include topics concerning: WWG1WGA, MAGA, Trump2020, Drain The Swamp, Patriots, Deplorable's, 2A, Molen Labe, Christian, TRUMP, Ban Sharia, Covfefe, Conspiracies, Wolf Pack, Mueller Refuge, Militia, Save The Steal,

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Join Heracane Anne and the Wolf PaQ as they discuss how Maryland is trying to pass the demonic and sick Bill 669 which would allow you to abort your baby up to a month after birth with no consequences or investigation. This is... more

Join Heracane & the Wolf PaQ as they break down what is really going on internationally. The MSN is a captured operation. We discuss why the NWOs so desperate to vilify Putin. We will discuss how covid mysteriously disappeared.... more

Join Heracane Anne & the Wolf PaQ as they dig into Heracanes video WIcked Uncle Walt, exposing the real Walt Disney as you have never heard, Callers Welcome.

Hi! And Welcome to Wolf PaQ Radio This is your host Heracane Anne and I'm so happy to have you tune in to this intriguing episode title WICKED Uncle Walt. While I was researching a previous story I stumbled upon startling allegations &... more

Hi! Welcome to Wolf PaQ Radio with Host Heracane Anne & Co hosts Gunny & Patti. On tonights segment we will be discussing a breaking story brought to us from Patti. She stumbled upon information about a Chinese camp which... more

Join Heracane Anne, Gunny & Patti as they discuss the infiltration of America by foreign hostiles. We are literally surrounded.

Latest updates on Freedom Convoy

Join Heracane Anne & her militia brothers Gunny & Tinman and Patti, Special Correspondence from NY as they discuss Crediable reports of South American Soldiers in Houston, Texas. Are they waiting to attack? They literally just walked... more

Join Heracane Anne tonight as she unleashes Gunny as he discusses current events. Earlier today on FB he posted the following post we will be discussing in length on tonight's episode: Everyone just take a deep breath and calm the fk... more

Welcome to Wolf PaQ Radio with Host Heracane Anne & Special Guest Laurie Alexander Swan, Host of Global Watchman News. This episode will be breaking down the Book of Genesis and discussing pre-flood the many mysteries... more