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Job Interview Means Thursday's Episode Preempted Until Next Thursday

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Another of SenatorJPO's job interviews lands on a Thursday -- and having just finished an interview in the same city on Monday, there's no sense in trying to fit-in a rushed episode of "WPR Rebuttal" this week. SenatorJPO explains our situation, in the first-person:

If anyone is disappointed by unpredictable preemptions, then remember:

1) I'm not on a contract. (Although I would -like- to be, so that -this- could be my full-time job -- but it's only an unpaid hobby.)

2) While the outcomes of my job interviews prove them to be a waste-of-time, I don't know how to stop going-on job interviews. It would seem that I'm "addicted" to job interviews. (Probably for the social interaction, which I usually don't get much-of. This live, call-in podcast usually ends-up monologue-style because folks are afraid to call-in.)

It's unfortunate that in those situations wherein the interview coordinator conceded that I was among the best-qualified candidates, they nonetheless left the position vacant and/or "extended recruitment" to find someone else, who had missed the original deadline that -I- had made.

Before you say, "You're wasting everyone's time," I'm only wasting my -own- time, because the interview panelists and the schedulers all get paid by the hour. The rejected job interviewees don't get paid-at-all, not even mileage reimbursement. (N-minus-one interviewees are getting ripped-off.)

It's a glorified gamble; and there must be a better way to getting a job than trying to convey, to strangers, why you meet their needs better than other candidates you never met. (And can therefore neither de-construct nor concretely portray as less-capable than you.)

Until then, know that I continue my higher-education reform efforts, because I imagine a future in-which no one ends-up in my situation on-purpose.