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WPR Rebuttal provides alternative viewpoints to stories covered by Wisconsin Public Radio. WPR Rebuttal is not owned or endorsed by Wisconsin Public Radio.

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WWE has been in the news again, due to Daniel Bryan being medically cleared in-time to compete at Wrestlemania 34, financially its biggest Pay-Per-View (PPV) event of the year. WWE has even placed Mr. Bryan as the frontispiece of its... more

Today's guest satisfies our curiosity about the following subjects: 1) What inspired Ohler to start a highly-successful write-in campaign months after the ballot-nomination period had already passed? 2) How does Ohler's vision for... more

Due an important job interview -- as if there's such a thing as an "unimportant job interview" -- SenatorJPO is calling-off tomorrow's episode. It's a bona fide podcast preemption, because WPR Rebuttal is citizen-run, un-beholden to anyone's... more

In this WPR Rebuttal Exclusive, site curator Joseph Ohler, Jr. explains the purpose and origins of his Paula Veltum Fansite: http://paulaveltum.com This bombshell interview includes some of the most-pressing questions and... more

In a WPR Rebuttal exclusive, SenatorJPO has arranged to interview Joseph Ohler, Jr. -- also known as Curator of the Paula Veltum Fansite -- this Thursday, March 8 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) CST! Provocative questions include Mr. Ohler's... more

In an unprecedented WPR Rebuttal poetry recital, SenatorJPO reads the college-degree criticism poem he wrote. First posted here: http://disq.us/p/1qabj9h "#CollegeDegree = #Worthless" #LookAtMe, #MisterCollegeDegree /... more

Just like re-opening Camp Crystal Lake, the long-anticipated re-opening of the Paula Veltum Fansite has been plagued with problems from the get-go: web-hosting outages; legal disputes over intellectual property rights versus... more

Only at WPR Rebuttal, listen to the letter exonerating Ashland Deputy Brock Mrdjenovich from wrongdoing in the death of Jason Pero. WPR Rebuttal scoops Wisconsin Public Radio by acquiring the January 19, 2018 letter, sent by the St.... more

A new proposal from Wisconsin, Senate Bill 700, would established Wisconsin Merit Scholarships: http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2017/related/proposals/sb700 These stipends will be defined as: "...Merit-based annual $5,000 scholarships to... more

WPR Rebuttal takes a one-week hiatus so that host, fact-finder, and producer SenatorJPO can keep his personal affairs in-order. Tune-in to learn what's kept him busy! P.S. WPR Rebuttal returns next Friday, with a target start time... more