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07/16/12 - "The 'If You Like the Terminator...' Show"

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Have you ever been wandering down the aisle of your local Blockbuster Video store...  Uh... Scratch that.  Not many of those left.  Have you ever been standing in front of a Red Box and... oh, wait a minute. Selection in those is REALLY limited.  Ok, have you ever been scanning a torrent site, looking for a movie to download that you haven't seen before, and trying to find something like your favorite movie, The Terminator?  (Yeah, that's more like it.)  Well, have we got a show for you...

Join us tonight as we interview Scott Von Doviak, author of the new book "If You Like The Terminator..."  Scott's written a guide with "over 200 movies, TV shows, and other oddities that you will love."  He takes a look back at the pioneers of sci-fi film and television that may have inspired The Terminator's creators and then analyzes the effect that film has had on the modern science fiction world. Modern? Hell, yes!  The film is almost 30 years old!

The book also spends a few chapters focusing on the careers of James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger, pre- and post- Terminator.  You really can't appreciate how far they've come until you watch "Hercules in New York" and "Piranha II - The Spawning."  Now we're talking cinema!

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