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  • Cultivating A Creative Life And Business

    in Business

    Writer and artist Jane Dunnewold describes strategies she’s developed to help anyone live a more satisfying and creative life. Her topics  include defining and generating creative stamina, stumbling blocks to living creatively and how to overcome them, the concept of personal “alignment” and what it means for you, and dismantling the Committee - those pesky critics in our heads.                                  You can begin wherever you are. You just need to  take the first step! Unlock the door to the playground of your own creative life.  Jane Dunnewold is an artist who writes. Although her popular book, Creative Strength Training: Prompts, Exercises and Stories to Inspire Artistic Genius was written to help artists find deeper joy in creating, her strategies apply to anyone seeking a more creative and boldly authentic life. Jane lectures and leads workshops that honor and encourage our human desire to create. See artwork, read more, or contact her at www.janedunnewold.com.
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  • Larry Peacock MD: Fake it Until You Become It

    in Motivation

    We've heard the saying, "Fake it 'til you make it," but is it really true? Change your life just by believing you can!
    Larry Peacock flunked out of 8th grade, was kicked out of school, and lived in poverty for most of his early life. Before age 10, he had lived in 10 different apartments, lived in the projects, and had briefly stayed in a cheap roadside motel. His father worked infrequently and was abusive towards both him and his mother, who only completed an 8th grade education. But at age 20, his close friend was murdered and his world fell apart. It was then he decided to make a change in his life.
    Larry went from a life of violence, trauma, and poverty to being the Vice Chair of Manchester Memorial Hospital in Connecticut. He's also an Educator, Director of Electroconvulsive Therapy and the Medical Director of OutPatient Services at UConn Health Center. Larry is also a husband, father, and advocate for the underprivileged. He firmly believes that lives can, and do change when you stop believing what others say, and start believing in yourself.
    Tune in with Dr Jo Anne White, host of Power Your Life, and hear Larry Peacock's amazing life-altering story. Find out how YOU can change your life and live YOUR dreams!

  • Desiree Today with Mabel Katz, shares The Easiest Way to Confidence & Peace

    in Business

    The Easiest Way To Confidence And Peace, An All Day FREE Event For The Community
    Mabel will share the power and passion behind this event.
    Listen IN!
    For youth ages 10-18, Parents, Teachers and Mentors.
    Peace - based leadership skills Compassionate Communication exercises Inner peace skill building for adults and youth Transform Bullying through Peace Methodology For more details visit www.MabelKatz.com Register TODAY - It's FREE

  • Meet Helene Segura Patti Lambert Tammara Twamley

    in Women

    Time management expertHelen Segura MA Ed, CPO® teaches go-getters how to slay wasted time. By improving individual efficiency, she helps companies and agencies lower employee stress levels, decrease absenteeism, improve retention and leadership, and increase revenue. Known for her thought-provoking, yet entertaining time management keynotes and seminars that teach practical productivity tools, Helene delivers an experience that resonates deeply with audience members and inspires change. The author  of two Amazon best-selling books, Helene has been the featured productivity expert  in more than 100 media interviews. Her third book,The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer        (New World Library) is now available at TheInefficiencyAssassin.com
    Patti Lambert
    Patti worked in corporate American in Marketing and Sales for ovr 20 years  . She has sold SeneGence products for the last 12 years and loves it.
    Tammara Twamley
     Is with Premier Designs Jeweler  in leadership & and a leader for Inland Valley and Riverside county and San Diego Countyjewelry company based on biblical principles we're serving our customer comes before salesmley

  • Inner Influencing: How The Subconscious Works Paul Greblick

    in Self Help

    On the verge of a 2nd major emotional breakdown, in desperation Paul Greblick said to God 'I give!' Shortly after that Paul sensed the presence of Angels, who helped him break-through to wellness. The Arch Angels taught Paul how the subconscious really works, which resulted in the ‘Inner Influencing’ system to consciously clear negative emotional energy and free our whole Self.
    Combining Angelic guidance with his ability to read energy, and the ‘Inner Influencing’ system, Paul clears negative emotional energy for listeners during our show. Learn how disharmonious energy in the subconscious blocks desired results, sustains unwanted experiences, and how to gently delete inner contributors that cause you to experience life from the back seat, instead of being in the driver seat of life.

    Some self-help programs vacuum surface dust from our life carpet and leave stains. Inner Influencing eliminates negative emotional energy, or stain equivalent energy stuck in the subconscious. Using self directed energy therapies, Paul teaches people how to get life affirming results, and connect with Angels for more peace, and happiness. To learn more click http://InnerInfluencing.com/3
    Doreen Agostino is an Author, Radio Host, Self-realize Specialist, Change Messenger, and catalyst for positive world change. Details, free resources, movies, new science, and more at http://bit.ly/self-realize To forward shows please click social media icons.