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    How to Avoid the Silent Business Killer

    in Business

    Ken Wentworth has found almost every business has some version of the Silent Business Killer - unprofitable products/services. He calls them silent because almost no one recognizes they have them. To make matters worse, often these Silent Business Killers are our high-volume products/services. Ken breaks down why that is & how we can fix it.
    Ken “Mr. Biz" Wentworth is a strategic business partner who works with business owners to help them operate more profitably and more efficiently.
    In addition, he is a 6-time World Record Holder. During his corporate career, Mr. Biz developed a diverse skillset by working in many different roles – Accountant, Investment Analyst, Operations Manager, Planning and Analysis Director and CFO for several different businesses – while rising to the top 3% in a Fortune 15 company. Academically, he has earned a BA in Accounting and Honors Master’s Degree in Financial Management. He has also written two bestselling books – “Pathway to Profits” (made it to #1) and “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro”.
    He regularly speaks to professional organizations, hosts “Mr. Biz Radio” and founded Mr. Biz Solutions, an exclusive platform created specifically to provide affordable business expertise for small business owners.
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    If You Don’t Change, You Die

    in Business

    For leaders, working through the push and pull of the business cycle can be difficult, and during a crisis, surviving the business cycle can be even harder. Karen Jenkins shares her insights on the importance of change.
    Karen R. Jenkins is the president and CEO of KRJ Consulting, a full-service consulting firm providing companies and their employees with the skills and resources to become more committed to their performance, empowered to effect change and be prepared for the journey ahead. With over 30 years of experience, Karen is a recognized speaker, author and leadership consultant, equipping executives with the necessary tools to create results-driven organizational change. Check out her program, Eat, Learn, Grow on Eventbrite.
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  • Sue Phillips: What Your Fragrance Says About You

    in Self Help

    Scents can create strong memories – what experiences are you creating with yours? Tune in to learn how to reflect your personality through fragrance!
    Sue Phillips, an internationally renowned fragrance expert, established her company Scenterprises after a decade in the corporate world. She has developed and launched fragrances for iconic brands such as Tiffany and Tiffany for Men fragrances, Burberry fragrances, the original three Trish McEvoy fragrances as well as brands for Avon & Diane Von Furstenberg,
    Sue created Scenterprises in 1990 to share her passion and knowledge of fragrance. She consults regularly for celebrities, (Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Susan Sarandon, Lawrence Fishbourne) executives and private individuals looking to ensure they create their ideal signature scent.  Corporations hire Sue’s expertise for brand development and team building events.  Every special occasion imaginable has become an original with Scenterprises; bridal showers, engagement parties and weddings to corporate holiday parties and customized celebrations, her clientele are always thrilled by how unique their event becomes with Scenterprises.

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    How To Take The Guesswork Out Of Growth

    in Business

    Most businesses fail, many struggle, and few thrive. In working and speaking with hundreds of CEOs and companies around the world over the past four years, Bill Flynn has found it’s because leaders are doing a lot of things wrong. He joins me to share what he’s learned and what we can do to improve our results.
    Bill is a best-selling, 5-star rated author, speaker, and accomplished 10-time startup leader with more than thirty years of experience working for and advising hundreds of companies. After working for ten different high-tech startups in various markets, he founded Catalyst Growth Advisors to help business owners grow their organizations further and faster than they ever thought possible. Bill is also the author of Further Faster.
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  • Dr Cherilyn Lee, PhD, DD,RN,NP,PA &Certified Natural Healthcare Professional.

    in Women

    Dr. Cherilyn Lee is a healer, wellness advocate, and founder of NuWellness Healthcare Center. She has been a practitioner for over 35 years. Frequently attending workshops, she has amassed over 3,000 hours of advancement in integrative medicine & remains on the cutting edge of medical technology. She is a philanthropist & influencer, Doctor of Divinity, an international keynote speaker, &a certified life coach. She is also the host & producer of her own weekly TV show, NuWellness TV with Dr. Lee, seen on podcast, iHeartRadio, and live on her YouTube channel.
    Dr. Lee is a four-time recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for her volunteer services, received twice from President Barack Obama and twice from President Donald Trump. She has also received recognition from every existing government branch—City Council to State Department—for her humanitarian work.  she is the recipient of the 2019 HER STORY AWARD from the Women’s Federation for World Peace USA, for which she also serves as an ambassador. She is a 2019 Global Woman of the Year semi-finalist for the Global Woman Club (London).
    Dr. Lee is dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain optimal health. She is the most sought-after integrative medicine healer in the world. She is an advocate for women's health, and for breast health for men and teenagers, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, the CRT 2000 Thermographic System—a painless breast screening method that uses no squeezing & no radiation. and cardiovascular screenings in the United States under her nonprofit foundation, 
    She can be reached at 

  • Meet Carl Dean Wilson, CEO/Founder of CD Wilson Events, Author of All Women Rock

    in Women

    For over 21 years this dynamic Entrepreneur has been serving families, youth, military and many individuals. He has been a Chef, Caterer and Event Planner for over twenty-one years. His expertise in the areas of hospitality has allowed him to plan over 30 successful events in 2019. These events include but are not limited to Weddings, Bridal Showers, Mother and Daughter Teas, Dance Competitions, Beauty Pageants, Veterans and Jazz Concerts. 
    He has made numerous tributes to Icons. Three years ago  he had the vision to honor Women who did outstanding service in their Community.  Carl started the “All Women Rock” events. To date over 125 Women have received awards. Carl also makes charitable donations from some of the proceeds from these events. The Organization that he finds so special is “Along Comes Hope” for young children with cancer, Jenny Mulks is the founder of this non-profit. In 2021 over 250 women will be honored.
    He also recently authored a book with eleven other dynamic women co-authors, that book is entitled “All Women Rock” and will available before the end of the year. He is also starting a magazine that will feature Empowering Women. 
    In 2020 Carl has over 12 events planned, each event will benefit a charity and awards will be presented to Dynamic Individuals who have made valuable contributions, making a difference to others/
    Carl will be pursuing a Master’s Program with Liberty University in Business Management in August 2020.
    Watch for his new perfume line he is launching soon as well as other products for women.
    Carl can be reached at . 951-241-5343