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  • The Heart of My Survivorship

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    Today Host Travis Thomas will interview the lovely Cervical Cancer survivor Mel Myers. A woman fighting the battle and armed with strength, faith and hope. Join us to listen to her story. Be encouraged by her heart to share her life to empower others to continue the fight. Let's talk about it. Let's learn from it. Let's share it. Gain resources and information that will help you and your loved ones. Love, laugh, learn and live through cancer one day at a time. S.A.V.E.D 4 Life The Life Saving Tool For TV and Radio, Making A Difference In Your Community Today Because Tomorrow May Be Too Late. GOD IS ABLE! Blessings Always Friends

  • Awareness Month

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    The month of Oct. Is Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We will be providing information that will help or someone you know

  • January Jones -Cancer Advocate - Joni Aldrich

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    Cancer Survivor
    Joni Aldrich
    On May 13, 2004, a cancer diagnosis changed Joni Aldrich’s life forever.  That was the day that she and her 43-year-old husband, Gordon, were told that he had a rare form of cancer. Once the shock wore off, what followed were two years of intense treatments including three stem cell transplants. Joni was Gordon’s primary caregiver often 800 miles away from home. Tragically the cancer invaded his brain, and Gordon died two years to the day after he was diagnosed.
    As she went about rebuilding her life, Joni realized that there were invaluable lessons that she’d learned through the process of trying to save Gordon. She gave up her lucrative career and founded Cancer Lifeline Publications. Her own personal mission includes six amazing books (so far) to help others with practical, more focused strategies to survive cancer, caregiving, brain illness, and grief. 
    But that wasn’t enough. Joni now produces and hosts five international radio shows every week: Cancer S.O.S., Diagnosis S.O.S., Caregiving S.O.S., Treatment S.O.S. and Ladies Who Inspire.

  • Team Clarity Week 29/46: How does meaning and continuity shape our worth?

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    Episode 29 of Team Clarity's journey to re-awaken to a robust sense of worth on multiple levels finds four souls exploring two words.  1) Meaning.  2) Continuity.  
    How does our desire to experience meaning shape our sense of worth? What happens to our sense of worth when continuity seems shaken or broken? Join us for a powerful 45 minutes of ah-ha filled moments. Take notes to enjoy your own ah-ha's as well!
    Team Clarity is on a year-long led by Christina Ervin. Each week Team Clarity shares this journey with you for two primary reasons:
    They want those they hold near and dear to know about the changes they're making on multiple levels.  As they change, by listening to these classes, people who know Team Clarity members may opt to change along with them. To share their stories with you. Follow their stories and life lessons to awaken all sorts of ah-ha's for you too! While you listen and before you go . . .
    Join Christina in her next class.  Click this link to explore how to join us today. Click to access on all our on-demand shows. Music: Aretes and The Complex by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

  • January Jones-Selling In A Skirt-Judy Hoberman

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    Meet Judy Hoberman, the author of Selling In A Skirt.  This book addresses both the woman’s need to use her gender- based talents and the male manager’s need to understand how to help her be successful by using her instinctive qualities rather than those which are natural to him.
    After completing her position as an award-winning training director, Judy has taken her career on a new path as a successful speaker, consultant and entrepreneur, addressing the differences in sales techniques between men and women, and the advantages of a female-focused approach.


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    Toronto, Canada – In life, it’s easy to become complacent with your current situation. Often, we lose sight of the dreams that we once for had. Professional and personal success may seem impossible to achieve. Hope and inspiration become personal casualties. There are so many variables that step in the way of progress. Between missed or lack of opportunities, lack of direction and issues with health, thankfully there are wonderful people like Lisa Latimer, Job and Life Coach, to assist and guide us along the way.
    For her own experience, Lisa honorably spent years working with people suffering from acquired brain injuries. With affinity towards children, Lisa also committed herself to assisting children with autism. After the birth of her son, Lisa took some time off to raise a family and it was during this period that she understood her passion and dream of getting back in the workforce.
    Incorporating certifications in coaching from Cognition Coaching and yoga certification from George Brown College, Lisa brings a uniquely passionate approach to working with her clients. Whether it’s in person, phone or Skype sessions; Lisa’s services are available to people across the globe including those suffering with Asperger’s, their family, friends and teachers as well. It’s her strong communicative skills that are truly immense assets to her coaching process.
    With the foundation of New Horizons Job Coaching, Lisa works with people of all ages and all walks of life. The many services she offers are all featured at www.new-horizons-job-coaching.com and it’s from her professional training, experience and her own battle with Asperger’s Syndrome that enables her to focus on many different obstacles facing people today.

  • Presents The Amazing Dr.Madeline Crnec DC, Defy The Odds To Vibrant Health

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    We are pleased to present these podcasts as an extension to our Breast Show In Town events.  Join us October 16/16 in Windsor Ontario at the Cabota Club.  For more info regarding our events, past present and future, podcasts, resources and more, visit www.breastshowintown.ca  - You can event connect if you wish vendor information, or to suggest an event near you!
    Madeline Crnec D.C. is an amazing representation of true, vibrant health & wellness.
    Connect with Dr. Crnec DC
    Phone: 519-977-5928
    email: crnec@bellnet.ca

  • Get Motivated! With Ciara Hosein

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    Ciara Hosein is a graduate of Bowie State University who has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice and Law. She is currently taking courses with Harvard University School of Divinity in ED-X Religious Studies, in addition to being a 2017 candidate to receive her Masters of Theology with the National Bible College and Seminary. She currently serves as a member of the George Washington University Employment Advisory Board, as well as a task force member of the Deputy Mayor Office of Planning and Economic Development on Career Pathways for District Residents.  While at the Arc Prince Georges County  she currently serves as the Director of Workforce Development  overseeing the management of Corporate Partnerships,  and Job Placement services. Her  main focus has been on building partnerships with the local Business Communities at Large to help bridge the gap of employment  to ensure individuals with intellectual disabilities and all unemployed get a fair shot in the workforce.  She volunteers and works on a consistent basis providing advocacy down at the John A. Wilson Building with city elected officials, provides motivational lectures to returning citizens at CSOSA, has community prayer gatherings for children and parents in DC’s Ward 8. And recently co organized a March in Washington DC  “Stop the Violence and Increase the Peace” on  June 4th 2016 with the attendance of nearly 400 peace rally protesters in support of the movement.  Her contributions to the community, and relentless effort to see individuals develop has created a trajectory for others to follow. And most recently Ciara was in fact the recipient for the August 2016 Humanitarian Award from Vital Magazine.

  • Encouraging Widows

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    The Next Chapter (TNC) Widows' Ministry seeks to always encourage widows and provide helpful information in the many decisions following the loss of their beloved husband.

  • State of Mind 2.0 -- 11 Lessons of the Most Productive People on the Planet

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    During this hour with Marnie and Christopher Pinckley, you'll discover:
    The Top 5 Lessons of the Most Productive People on the Planet The hidden benefits of boundary creation The secret to thinking like Einstein 3 Ways to stay in control of your environment How to tap into billion dollar ideas The #1 tool of all of the most productive people on the planet How to develop the self discipline to build an idea that will make history The #1 worst thing people do to stifle their level of productivity The 3 Paradoxes of Productivity The new definition of productivity and why it’s important for you to adopt it right now Chris Pinckley is an expert in accelerating your level of productivity. He coaches CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners to create rock-solid boundaries, laser-focused thinking, and amplified self awareness to become global leaders. Learn more at www.christopherpinckley.com.


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    ACC Global News Spotlights Ms. Andrea Strom-Rancourt on Empowered Women, Executive Coaching, and Wellness in the Workplace & at Home  
    Quebec, CA- With worldwide economic impacts, we’re finding an increase of longer arduous work put in by both men and women, namely women. In this day and age, it’s difficult to maintain a work-life balance than in years previously observed. Enter Andrea Strom Rancourt’s coaching method, a holistic method to assist executives and their employees with preventing “burnout” and engenders work efficiency therein creating a “better return of investment”.
    Andrea Rancourt received her B.A. from California’s Berkley University, and received her Master’s degree in Adult Education in 2008. She is also a certified coach, who also holds certification with Myer Briggs personality type assessment, and Interqual assessment facilitator certification. She offers both corporate coaching and individual coaching, in English and French and helps to bridge that proverbial gap in communication with both employees and upper management..
    Andrea states she is most proud of the life she’s created with her family and how she positively affects people’s lives. Andrea seeks to inspire women with her journey of being a hard working mother accomplishing her dream of getting her master’s degree. “I think a lot of women would find that a huge source of inspiration for themselves”.
    For more information on ASR Coaching visit www.asrcoaching.com

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