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  • January Jones - Pandemic: Cash Under the Mattress with Sally Lamb

    in Women

    LOS ANGELES – According to a study by Boston College, an estimated $41 trillion will transfer from the World War II and Baby Boomer generations to heirs by the year 2052, making it the largest transfer of wealth in America’s history.
    So how will you keep track of your family’s legacy?
    Authors Philip Giroux and Sally Lamb provide the answer in Cash Under the Mattress, an in- depth estate inventory handbook that allows users to map out their own legacy. Having both faced the sudden loss of their parents, Giroux and Lamb understand firsthand the importance of eliminating the second-guessing, confusion and anxiety that comes with the loss of a loved one and allocation of assets.

  • It's All About the Ladies! Meet Sadija Smiley

    in Women

    We're preparing for the upcoming women's Empowerment Conference ....We're sitting down to have a conversation with the speakers for this event.  We're discussing, family, their organization, what's happening in the communities and the women's conversation.
    Join the conversation!

  • January Jones with More Than a Million Fireflies with Mali Phopadith

    in Women

    More Than a Million Fireflies
    with Mali Phopadith
    Shares her story of leaving Laos at 4 yrs to re-locate in the USA and growing up between two cultures.
    Award Winning Poet

  • Financial Strategist LaKeisha Mallett of Mallet Coaching on Word of Mom Radio

    in Women

    Financial Strategist LaKeisha Mallett is a speaker, strategist and your personal coach for more than 13 years. Her mission in life has been to help individuals and small business teams master the game of money and learn to profit in all areas of life. As the Chairwoman of Mallett Coaching, LaKeisha's main objective is to help people realize their full potential and develop a mindset wired for wealth and success. Her firms’ courses, events, and results based coaching programs equip individuals with the tools to build an extraordinary life and business. Featured regularly on #TheMoneyChat, LaKeisha also founded Mocktails, Money and Marriage a Live Financial Workshop, created to help couples connect around money.
    Join us in the Business Spotlight July 14th at 1pmET/10amPT and then in #Podcast. Connect with LaKeisha at and on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    Connect with #WordofMom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    Thanks to our sponsors Safety Bags,, and SmithSistersBluegrass for our theme song, She is You.
    #WordofMomRadio ~ Sharing the wisdom of women in business and in life.

  • NABWIC Talks with Deborah Thompson - An Inside Look at Federal Contracting

    in Women

    NABWIC Talks with Deborah Thompson & Takes an Inside Look at Federal Contracting
    Have you ever wondered if government contracting is a good strategy for your business?  Join the conversation as NABWIC Talks government contracting with Deborah Thompson, DKT Consultants.  
    Host:  Ersula Odom Co-Host: Jada Williams
    Deborah K. Thompson, Consultants 3120 Atlantic Boulevard Jacksonville, FL  32207  

  • Diseño y Consultoría de imagen

    in Women

    Comunicar asertivamente quién es y lo que quiere reflejar, a mejor imagen mayor poder de influencia

  • Christine Lawler Founder of The Peaceful Sleeper on the WoMRadio Parents Corner

    in Women

    Christine Lawler is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, mother of three (soon to be four!), lover of sleep, and founder of The Peaceful Sleeper, a sleep consulting company. She started The Peaceful Sleeper for two main reasons: she recognized how critically important sleep is in all aspects of life, and she believes that many parents are under-informed or feel unnecessary guilt when it comes to sleep training their baby. Her ultimate goal is taking the stress out of sleep!
    Join us in the Parenting Corner July 15th at 1pmET/10amPT and then in #podcast. Connect with Chrissy at and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
    Connect with #WordofMom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    Thanks to our sponsors Safety Bags,, and SmithSistersBluegrass for our theme song, She is You.
    #WordofMomRadio ~ Sharing the wisdom of women in business and in life.

  • Liberation of Surrender w/Karen Tate

    in Women

    Goddess Calling, Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy, written by the hostess of the show, Karen Tate has received impressive reviews from leaders in the community.  Each month Karen brings one of the inspirational messages and a meditation to listeners, with July's message being Liberation of Surrender, followed by the Meditation to the Tree Goddess to Prune Your Divine Tree.  Each of the messages in Goddess Calling is designed help readers or listeners to understand what values of the Sacred Feminine are and how they might bring values and concepts of the Sacred Feminine into their spiritual and everyday lives.  Join us each month to soak in the wisdom.  The messages and meditations were designed for individuals and leaders in the community to use for their participants.

  • Resilience: The Key to Continual Forward Motion

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Beatrice Garrett, you’ll discover:
    The 5 ways resilience (or the lack of it) is affecting your life right now. Why increasing your resilience is critical for positive progress. 3 strategies for increasing your resilience starting today. Beatrice’s BEAResilient plan. #1 key to succeeding as you develop a lifestyle of resilience. The ingredient you must add to the mix for maximum results. Why it is important to maintain your composure. How to remain graceful and kind even during hardships and difficulties. The bonus benefit available to you on the other side of any personal storm. Beatrice Garrett is an attorney and inspirational speaker driven to impact lives. Sharing from her own experiences surviving disruption, surrendering to God’s process, and discovering His higher purpose for her, she’s here to inspire, encourage & motivate you. Learn more at (Beatrice is from Wisconsin)

  • Meet Ada Gartenmann, multi award-winning Founder and CEO of Kensington Skin Care

    in Women

    Ada Gartenmann, multi award-winning Founder and CEO of Kensington Skin Care in the UK is a beauty fashion and entertainment lifestyle expert with overTwenty years of experience. Her vision for holistic skin and treatments with a focus on aesthetics is key for her success of her MediSpa Salon, launched fifteen years ago.
    Her Qualifications: Business degree, Bachelor degree in teaching ,MBA Post graduate,,CIDESCO international Cosmetology  CIBLAC  Association of beauty therapist - England ITEC - England ??????????????  Association of holistic therapist, Ej Aromatherapy Reiki,Swinish therapy  
    She invests in Beauty Fashion Entertainment and is a Multi award winning for her humanitarian work across the globe.. She was CIDESCO trained in Switzerland and combines her experiences as a cosmetologist and Beauty Director when consulting on SkinCare produce development. Working with  known brands like channel le preire, Gm Collins-elimis- as product developer and business consultant , F.D.Y. fountain of youth, GM Collins Paris. As serial entrepreneur she has the skills to develop skin care products.
    Ada has been appointed as the President for Latin America for the AICPW – Aesthetics International Council for Progressive Women and has been traveling the world  from India to the US  as Humanitarian and motivational speaker. 2020 is shaping up to be even a bigger success as Ada is due to receive awards at the 4th International Leadership in India and at the 100 Successful Business Conference from the Global Trade Chamber,
    Ada is also the Founder of the She Inspires Me Awards and on this platform she presents deserving women from all over the world with the She Inspires Me Award.TH US Awards take place Sept 18, In Miami Beach Florida see flyer below. The 2021 awards will be in London England. Check her out on facebook Ada Gartenmann.

  • ACC GLOBAL MEDIA features Modern Woman CEO & Public Speaker Gina Soleil

    in Women

    Minneapolis, MN – Life can be unpredictable. All the glory in the world can be at your fingertips and in one instant, it can be taken away. Perseverance and persistence are keys to achieving the most ambitious of dreams. We all face adversity, obstacles and at times, disappointment. How we choose to react in these moments can define us as human beings… and it only makes success taste that much sweeter when we overcome the challenges that are thrust upon us. Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author Gina Soleil is living and breathing proof that one can survive, thrive and enjoy the ride that is the rollercoaster of life.
    With a global reach, Gina works with groups and individuals in person, by video conferencing and by phone. She incorporates a blend of techniques into her sessional work and online programs that include hypnotherapy and neuroscientific modalities. Perhaps most important, Gina brings a refreshingly honest and direct approach to her clients to find out what her clients want and what they need to get there.
    “I have the ability to help women change core beliefs that get in the way of success. I help them go deep inside themselves so they can remove obstacles and achieve big goals and dreams. You only can take somebody as deep as you have gone yourself. I’m able to take women from a healing perspective deeper than most. When you do that, that’s when the transformation happens,” exclaims Soleil.
    “The women I work with are what I call Emerging Corporate Warriors and Maverick Entrepreneurs. They know they’re here for something big, to make an impact on the world. When they’re ready, I’m here to help them live that mission and experience their big breakthrough. Remember to breathe, Wonder Woman. You got this.”

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