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    Upcoming Grand Opening

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    Well here we are - taking a dive into online radio to help women understand just how great Dressing Green can be with the launch of our new Boutique, The Green Armoire.com

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    2012 and Beyond

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    Everybody has their opinion on what will happen in 2012 regarding the Myan calender, including us. We'll be telling you about what we truly believe will happen. Tune in, comment, or chat, we'll be giving imformation straight from the universal mind.

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    Living Consciously

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    Karen Monteverdi discusses her book, Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society, and what it took personally, academically, emotionally, professionally and spiritually for her to arrive at a place of healing and personal growth.

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    Submissive woman!

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    How does being a submissive effect our physical bodies and our relationships with men, Do they really want us to obey them? We'll explore patriachy society to see how we fit in.

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    Pregnancy and Risk Factors of H1N1

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    Dr. Chambers of the University of California San Diego will discuss the impact of H1N1 to pregnant women.

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    Unconditional Deal-Breakers

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    The world is chock full o’ fantastic, kind, loving, healthy men seeking committed relationships. The world is also full of dysfunctional, immature, baggage-laden men seeking committed relationships. How will you know the difference?
    None of us are without flaws. We all have various personality quirks that are irritating, but tolerable. However, there are certain factors that should, at all times, make you slam the brakes on a potential relationship. Do not pass Go; do not collect $200. Never allow these people to monopolize your time and energy.

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    The Aromatherapy Apothecary Live from England Show

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    Nicola joins us today from England where she shares the use of herbs for health and wellness from medieval England to present day. You will also get to hear about her trip to the royal lavender farm in Norfolk. A fun, informative show.

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    TableTalk: What We (All) Know or “The free bird thinks of another breeze.“

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    A mixed group of African-American expats and Afro-European women come together to combine their insights about living, loving and working as women of African descent in Europe.

    ABOUT TableTalk: The Virtual Round-Table - a twice yearly interview series highlighting the reality of women of African descent living and working in Europe. These events have been designed to give us an opportunity to share and compare our personal experiences and challenges with women of color in other European countries. It also provides us with a platform to share our perspective with other women of African descent in other parts of the world, especially in the Americas.

    Moderator/facilitator of this insightful series will be Trina Roach, herself an American who has lived in Germany for more than 30 years. Motivated by her own personal expat experience, Trina created this series to further facilitate communication and knowledge-sharing between all women of the African Diaspora.

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    Welcoming all women to Women of Expression. Women of Expression is a group created for WOMEN of ALL AGES to come and express themselves about different situations. We as women have been through many things and sometimes we feel all alone. Sometimes we need that extra push and motivation or someone there to listen and relate. Well now you do!!! We look for wisdom from some of our older women, and understanding of this day and time from our younger women. Please feel free to leave comments, discuss, relate, and encourage each other. Invite other women to come and join. Be a part of building women UP and not taring them DOWN.

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    Your Financial Future: What You Need to Know Now!

    in Women

    It's your life that's on the line! Join me on August 2nd when my guest will be Noah Rosenfarb, CPA and Managing Director of Freedom Divorce Advisors, a CPA firm dedicated to helping divorcing women plan for their financial future via his four step patent-pending process.
    Knowledge is power especially when it comes to entering unknown territories. My own personal experience with divorce proved that time and time again. Everything is brand new and confusing when ti comes to divorce. No one prepared us for this. That is why it is so important to make certain that you get the best advice possible. Noah will outline the questions that need to be asked and impart his considerable knowledge and experience in the area of divorce and finances.

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