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    Worst Beauty Tips We’ve Ever Heard & What to do Instead

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    Toothpaste for blemishes? Elmer’s Glue for blackheads? Hot steam to unclog pores? Tin foil facial masks? We’ll debunk the silliest beauty advice around and let you in on beauty shortcuts that will truly help your skin instead of wasting your time. Call in with your beauty advice questions and WIN Paula’s Choice products!
    Click here for more information about Paula's Choice.

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    Talk about sex - with your children!

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    Protecting your children also means educating them age appropriately.  Nurturing a deep sense of self-esteem is an important part of the process, but also talking about boundaries, bodies and sex!  When is good time, how can you bring it up, what about when they ask the hard questions that make you feel akward?  My children have grown up with a Birth Educator and a Homebirther as their mother, so there's not too many secrets in my house about where babies come from, but finding the balance between too early and too late can seem overwhleming.  Today we talk to Shamanic Midwife, Avalon Darnesh to shed some light on the topic that we all too often keep in the dark.  www.lovingfamilies.com.au  www.blossomingwoman.com.au

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    Gina Hendrix Tells Smart Women, Let's Start Making Better Dating Decisions

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    Are you looking for your soulmate? Gina Hendrix, uncovers the various ways in which we women can make better dating choices, and can begin to live a life of love & happiness. The better dating choices we make, from WHO we invite into our hearts, WHAT places we choice to find love, to the Standards we set for our relationships, Gina tells it all! Join us as we discuss: Smart Women, Let's Start Making Better Dating Decisions.

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    Business Etiquette, Part 1

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    Business Etiquette, Part 1.
    No matter what type of industry you work in, business etiquette is a professional must have.  The main reasons are:  to leave good impressions, establish trust, maintain working relationships, among many more.  Having a balance between professionalism and being approachable is high on the professional priority list.
    Our ***PositveTea*** segment includes 7 logics on how to keep your life simple & sweet!
    Fill your cup of tea & dine with us on this episode!

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    Slow-Steady-Silent with Sybil

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    Join Sybil for this month's guideline and principles of identifying one primary aspect of your life where you can slow down connect to your core values and move forward with steady, sustainable mindset shifts.

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    Global Women's Leadership Roundtable | Confidence

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    Do you admire how other women act with confidence, even in stressful situations? Do you suffer from anxiety, worrying about making mistakes that will affect your career? Do you wish that you could act based on your own instincts more quickly, regardless of the outcome?
    Join our live-broadcast Global Women’s Leadership Roundtable where real women in leadership roles explore how to build assuredness and worry less about making mistakes. This conversation will demystify what it takes to build your confidence while growing as a leader in your life and work. This will be a dialogue between global women streaming live via BlogTalkRadio.

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    Timothy Snell, Celebrity Stylist & Host of Curvy Style Joins Us

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    The Curvy Revolution is here. This episode is all about Curves & Confidence! We will talk how to dress curves,where to find the best clothes for curves and we'll interview celebrity stylist, and host of Centric TV's Curvy Style, Timothy Snell. From the Queen L-A-T-I-F-A-H in command to Amber Riley, he's dressed some of your favorite celebs AND he's styled the curvy girl next door. You must get the fashion scoop from this stylist to all the curvy stars.  Tune in to this special episode of The Curvy Confidential, with your host Kristina Denise of CurvyGirlChronicles.net. 
    #fortheloveofcurves you don't want to miss this!

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    Birthing While Black 4 - Bold Doula & Mamatoto Village

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    Please join Denise Bolds - Bold Doula and her special guest Aza Nedhari Executive Director of Mamatoto Village as the discussion of birthing while black continues. Denise Bolds, a certified birth doula in New York and MSW is the producer and host of Black Motherhood Empowerment. 
    Mamatoto Village is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, devoted to training the next generation of Community Birthworkers and Midwives. ?Mamatoto Village (MV) began in 2008 as a vision written for a graduate school paper, by Aza Nedhari. In 2012, after having worked in a for profit capacity as Doulas, and feeling as if their own training had been inadequate, Aza Nedhari and Cassietta Pringle, decided to form a collaborative partnership and bring Mamatoto Village to life. Witnessing the disparities and lack of cultural empathy in Maternal Health professions, MV founders saw a critical need for the creation of a career-training program for birth workers of color and for direct maternity support services to medically underserved populations.    
    Mamatoto's  mission is two fold: to provide complimentary and low-cost maternity support services to women and their families during pregnancy through the first year of the child's life, and to facilitate the increase of qualified women of color serving in the Maternal Health profession.                      
     Aza Nedhari can be reached on Facebook and at: http://www.mamatotovillage.org                    Denise Bolds can be reached here on Blog Talk Radio - Follow Black Mother Empowerment. She is also on Facebook as Bold Doula and at:http://www.BoldDoula.com

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    Depression and "The Strong Black Woman"

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    Join us as we talk with Therapist Chantelle Taylor-Bittings about depression and black women.  Are strong black women more likely to be clinically depressed?  Oh, and what exactly is a "Strong Black Woman."  Are we guilty of being compassionate to everyone except ourselves?  Join the conversation as we define depression, womanhood and strength.  We would love to have you join the conversation at 914-803-4503, and press 1 if you have a question or comment.
    You are loved.
    Here's Chantelle Taylor-Bittings website:  cbittingstherapy.com

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    Creating Magical Money Flows

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    When you add YOU to the creation of your money flows, the magic begins to flow!  
    What if creating money isn’t what you thought it was?  What if the purpose of money is totally different to what you’ve been taught? What if the magic of money comes from having ease and joy with money?  Would you be willing to have a different financial reality to everyone around you?
    When we buy the reality of people around us, we limit what is possible with our money flows.  When we limit who we are in the world we stop the money flows that could be possible!  Are you asking to take a quantum leap into a different set of choices? 
    Join us to discover a series of practical and unconventional tools that invite you to unimagined possibilities with creating magic, money and wealth.
    email:  lisa@creativitylab.biz
    web:  www.creativitylab.biz
    web:  www.revivecoaching.com
    Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/lisa.murray2
    Creativity Lab:  https://www.facebook.com/CreativityLabLIVE

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