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    "Women's Grace & Grit: How to Care For Yourself With a Narcissist"

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    Waking up to realizing you are in a relatinoship with a narcissist can feel overwhelming and confusing. When you realize that winning is more important to the other person than a relationship, what do you do? Healing from a relationship with a narcissist requires outside support and guidance, for what got you entangled with a narcissist will NOT get you untangled. 
    Join me as I share about women's confusion about the compromising necessary for an intimate relationship vs knowing the signs of someone not availalble for relationship. It can be the perfect storm for women who are givers to be in relationship with men who only know how to take. Waking up to being in a relationship with a narcissist can feel really bad, and, taking the actions required to care for yourself is overwhelming without support and guidance for you to do so. 
    This is an important topic for the times we live in and the healing we are seeking for creating happier relationships!

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    The Will of a Wildflower with Pegi Robinson

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    Children can be changed forever by a Near Death Experience. 
    Pegi drowned at age 5. She returned changed forever. During her death, she learned she was not loved by her family, and that it wasn't fair because " God sends children here to be loved , that is why He sends them here." She understood her mission in life was to be a mother to unloved children.
    She knew she would have a long hard road ahead, but because of it, she would have a strength inside most girls would never know. God gave her a strong will, the will of a Wildflower, to help her survive the harsh environment.
    She died again at age 25, returning with an ability to know when someone needed immediate help or prayed for. Her passion to help children grew.
     Pegi became a Child Assault Prevention Workshop Leader and the youngest foster parent in a neighboring county . While she was a full time college student, she became a Therapeutic Foster Parent and a Child Abuse Investigator. In addition to raising her sons and her husband's daughters, she had 60 foster children in 16 years , and adopted 10.
    Busy with college, work and raising children, she didn't have time to ponder how her Near Death Experiences shaped her life. Once they were all grown, she was flooded with memories, and disabled with PTSD from her childhood. One morning she had a vision ,was healed of the PTSD, and immediately began writing her memoir.
    She hopes her book The Will of a Wildflower will become a required reading for social work students. It isn't just another NDE book, it is a close up of a spiritual child growing up abused and misunderstood. It is a hard look at our child welfare system, through the eyes of a very determined and passionate social worker and mother.

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    TreeSisters: Women Seeding Change with Clare Dakin

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    Imagine if it was normal for all of us to give money for trees every month to consciously balance both our taking and our warming....we could reforest our planet in no time. TreeSisters is about building a huge engine of change in the form of a global network of women working together to re-robe the planet as fast as possible. They are developing 3 core strategies: 1) How to build a global network of women, and resource, empower and inspire them to work together to effect major change. A women led global crowd funding campaign for swift reforestation is doable, practical and needed now... 2) How to reforest the tropics within 10 years. How to build a collaborative map of steps to show how money raised in the global north can effect enormous change if deployed through existing reforestation and avoided deforestation initiatives in the field... 3) How to build bridges of care and shared responsibility between the two.
    Founder Clare Dakin talks with host, Linda Lombardo. This program runs 1 hour 5 minutes.   

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    Tonight we will discuss Pamela Smart with special guest star Diane Dimond. Diane Dimond is an American television journalist, reporter and host. She is best known for her coverage of Michael Jackson. She has worked as a correspondent for Hard Copy, Extra, Entertainment Tonight and Court TV.  Call ins from supporters are expected to be high especially because it is Pame's birthday while still in prison. We will be playing music requests from Pame and her family..  It is time to bring Pame home! Life without the possibility of parole while the actual killers are all walking free! The inconsistencies and lies in this case makes it riveting.  Please join us while we discuss why Pame deserves her freedom and celebrate her birthday behind bars.  

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    September 7, 2018 - Pam Shadwick A Woman on the Go

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    September 7, 2018 - Pam Shadwick A Woman on The Go. Maureen visits with Pam Shadwick.

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    BLAST OFF Your Speaking Ministry

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    During this hour with Marnie and special guest, Shannon Ethridge, you’ll discover:
    The role of faithfulness in the small stuff  The power of discovering God’s unique niche for you How to identify and find your ideal audience, and cater to that crowd How to market yourself with class and style 4 tips for making every presentation clear, concise and memorable How to manage long-term goals with immediate action steps False modesty vs. effective marketing strategies How to prepare for and create effective video presentations Shannon Ethridge is a million-copy best-selling author, international speaker, certified life coach, and advocate for healthy sexuality with a master’s degree in counseling/human relations from Liberty University. She is the founder and host of BLAST – a mentoring program dedicated to building leaders, authors, speakers and teachers.  Learn more at www.BlastMentoring.com

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    Niya Mann - Speaks about the loss of her entire family and ... living

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    Niya Mann's entire family was tragically killed in an automobile accident. Her husband Lavell (33), daughter, Logan (3) and son Legend (9 mos) received their wings  July 9, 2016 in Cerritos, California. A former guest on the TD Jakes show, Niya has agreed to speak with Black Women Widows Empowered to share her story on loss, grief and coming out of the darkness. Watch Video clip here: https://youtu.be/GRhI8gv3-KU

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    Interview Techniques

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    This show will outline some of the best interview techniques including the five "P's" of interviewing.

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    SUNday Mornings With C. Maria (FAKE FRIENDS)

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    Remembering your worth 2018
    Last week we spoke about honest enemies, this week we are talking about our fake friends who smile in our faces while cutting us down behind the scenes. Not everyone who hugs us or smiles in our faces are for us. Remember that families are not immune from hurt and harm of the fake connections. Family can hurt us worse than those with no DNA connections. I know many will not want to walk away from family but there comes a time when we must do what is best for us.  Walking away from friends is easier in many cases than walking away from family but our healing and health has to take precedence at some point. 
     Get my book
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    Is Social Media Good for Us?

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    In an age where people use social media on a daily basis, one has to wonder is this the new way of communicating? Has social media been good for us? Let's have a Soulful Conversation about it today.

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    Loving Yourself Pt. 4: One Word Is All You Need

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    In this fourth installment of the Loving Yourself series by Luci Weston, of Here We Are... with Luci, she discusses how to get things done using "one word" as guidance. It's time to drill down and find it. Luci shares with you how she came to this process, and how it has helped her launch an e-commerce site, continue the blog, add a new one, start a newsletter, film her One By One videos, and now, return to podcasting. If you have a lot to do, then this podcast will help you get it done!

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