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Nathan James on Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne & Terez

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This year has been tumultuous politically. As Americans, we have all lived through a political season unlike any other we have ever experienced before. Albeit, each administration is different and they have all had their woes, Reagan had Star Wars, Gorbechek and his refusal to say the word AIDS, Bush had Guantanamo Bay Detention Camps and Afgahanistan War Crimes, Clinton, well, there was the blow job, Bush Jr was thought of as the worse president ever until recently, he had 911 and was just not bright, then you had Obama who had the tan suit and grey poupon mustard as well as a bunch of disrespectful rich angry white men plotting against him and blocking everything he tried to do, along with black folks who a democratic base who didn't vote in congressional elections to ensure he had the support he needed, not to mention those who often wanted to hang him and called his wife and children monkeys, which leads us to the current state of affairs, a man in the white house who mocks the disabled, disrespects gold families, who plans to take millions in military money to build a stupid wall which is going to force some to give up their homes, who has children sleeping on floors in cages at the boarder, asylum seeking families separated unjustly, familiies of military and some who have served being deported, we have issues of the emoluments clause, threatening to take away social security which is our money, someone who was known to hang out with the most notorious human trafficker, Mr. Epstein, and who has been accused of not only assaulting wormen, but also a 13 year old girl and that allegation was found to be credible. We have someone in the white house who continues to show disdain for our allies and our democratic norms, but who listens to, I would even say obeys Putins and fawns over dictators, someone who, thanks to all of us and Nancy Pelosi, is being impeached.  We're gonna talk about this today with Nathan James.