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Sonya LaRae is your Host - Relationship/Lifestyle Counselor, Fashion Psychologist, Educator, and motivational speaker. Whispers In A Bottle "Grown Talk Cocktail Friday's!" is dedicated to encouraging, motivating, and empowering our listeners. With times being so very different, we need "A Clear Voice Amongst The Noise," and Sonya LaRae is ready to have those real conversations to help you broaden your thought perceptions to bring forth positivity.

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Welcome to Whispers In A Bottle Episode 2: Personal Growth Through Adversity! Join our insightful host, Sonya LaRae, as she guides us through a transformative journey of triumph over life's trials. Discover empowering strategies and heartwarming stories that will inspire your won path to resilence. Tune in to unlock the secrets of turning adversity into personal growth. Make sure you subscribe to the ALL New newsletter THE WHISPERS EXCHANGE: https://prodigious-motivator-501.ck.page/66eb7b1d30 Have questions that you want Sonya LaRae to answer simply? Send your questions to asksonyalarae@yahoo.com Book Your Free 30-Minute Consultation - https://calendly.com/sonyalarae/transformation-wellness-mentorship-program SPONSORSHIP & AD INQUIRES PLEASE EMAIL - info@whispersinabottlepodcast.com PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LIKE, FOLLOW, AND REVIEW OUR SHOW! IG: @whispersinabottle_podcast FB: whisperinabottlepodcast TW: @WhispersBottle
  • by Sonya LaRae
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  • 01:30

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