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Raise your healthiest and happiest backyard chickens yet with poultry expert Maat van Uitert of FrugalChicken.

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Chicken mites and lice can literally suck the life out of your hens. They're pests that can cause a lot of health issues with your chickens, and should be gotten rid of as fast as possible. In today's podcast, we talk about how to treat and... more

Eye worms and mites are nasty parasites chickens can get, and they'll totally gross you out. They can be dangerous to your chicken's health, so in this podcast, we talk about them as well as how to safely get rid of them. But those aren't... more

This week's podcast is about chicken facts that will amaze you. I've searched for the most interesting chicken facts I could find that you might not know, and I came up with some really great information that I think you'll love. If you don't want... more

Can you feed chickens eggs? Well you're about to find out in today's podcast. Today is the day that I take your questions, and boy I got some interesting ones this week. If you want to submit a question, just email me at... more

Your chicken might be sick, but how will you know? Learn the tell-tale signs your backyard chicken needs medical care as well as the symptoms of common illnesses such as sour crop, Avian flu, Marek's Disease and more. This is critical... more

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for me to answer your chicken-related questions! A million thanks to everyone who sent in questions - if I did not get to it this week, I will next week! (If you want more help with your chickens, then... more

What kind of chickens lay blue eggs? Well, you're about to find out. If you're anything like me, then blue eggs are on your "to do" list this spring. (Looking for more help raising chickens? Check out my book, Chickens: Naturally Raising A... more

Chickens and incubators, chickens and turkeys, and nesting box drama are today's questions on What The Cluck?! It's Tuesday, which means time to answer your questions about chickens! (If you have more chicken questions, you might... more

Learning how to raise baby chicks is pretty easy, but there are somethings you need to be attentive to. There are some hard and fast rules, and in this podcast we discuss them all. By the end of it, you'll feel ready to bring chicks home... more

This session, I answer your questions about chickens in winter, broody hens, and covered runs. So, this podcast on What The Cluck?! is a bit different - I'm answering your questions about chickens. (If you're interested in raising hens for... more