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What The Cluck

What The Cluck?!


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Raise your healthiest and happiest backyard chickens yet with poultry expert Maat van Uitert of FrugalChicken.

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One aspect of owning chickens not many people think about is showing chickens. While some people chase ribbons, Bonnie at Not So Modern Housewife reveals that for her, showing is about improving the quality of her livestock. In this... more

If you're raising chickens with neighbors near you, or if you haven't gotten a flock yet because you're worried about ticking off your neighbors, then this podcast is for you. Learn from Karen Thompson of Lil' Suburban Homestead how... more

Starting a meat chicken business can be tricky, but with this expert advice, you'll get an inside look at how to make a homestead business profitable. In this episode, I talk with Roe Harris of Harris Homestead, who runs a profitable and... more

There's a lot of funky information out there about medicated chick starter vs. non-medicated chick starter - so that's the main topic of today's podcast! Essentially, both feeds are the same, with one significant difference. If you're not... more

Do you know the proper way to give a broody hen eggs so you don't convince her to leave her nest? Or what should always be in your chicken emergency it? If not, then you'll love this week's podcast. It's Wednesday, which means I take your... more

You might not believe raising mealworms, red wrigglers, or crickets for your chickens will save you money, but if you aren't farming at least one of these 3 insects, you're missing out. Although raising insects to feed your chickens isn't... more

Chicks, raccoon drama, chickens rolling, and nesting boxes are all on the table for today's episode of What The Cluck?! In today's podcast, I answer your questions, and we got some great ones this week. Like you, I've run to the feed store... more

Keeping chickens cool in hot weather can mean the difference between life and death. Really. Last summer, we dealt with some cases of heat stress, egg production suffered, and we even lost one friendly Cornish Cross rooster (you'll... more

Can I keep chicks and ducklings together? You might be surprised at my answer. It's Wednesday, which means I answer your questions about keeping chickens. If you've wondered: Whether you can keep chicks and ducklings together in the... more

There's no mystery to knowing whether your hen has started laying eggs. In fact, there's just a few simple tricks you need to become a pro at telling whether your backyard chickens are becoming laying hens. You'll never wonder again after... more