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What The Cluck

What The Cluck?!


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Raise your healthiest and happiest backyard chickens yet with poultry expert Maat van Uitert of FrugalChicken.

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Chickens wheather winter quite well, but they still need special care to stay healthy when the mercury dips. Here's how to make sure their coop is ready for cold weather, why freezing rain is a bigger killer than snow, and how to... more

Although it's the middle of summer, now is the time to start your fall gardens. Why not grow edibles for your backyard chickens so they have fresh produce come cool weather, and you have a little more money in the bank? In this episode,... more

Chickens are great - but it's always a good idea to raise more than one type of poultry in case anything happens to your hens. Discover which four species you can easily raise alongside chickens, how to successfully integrate them into... more

The truth is there's people who will tell you that if you worry about what your hens eat, you're overcompIicating backyard chickens. Feeding hens is not rocket science but that doesn't mean you can't improve their health and yours through... more

It's devastating to lose your backyard chickens to a nasty predator. In this podcast, you'll get 10 of my best tips for keeping predators out of your chicken coop. At the end, there's a link to grab a free cheat sheet that covers what... more

If you've been told citrus is poison for chickens, you've been told wrong. Citrus is one of the healthiest things you can feed your chickens, and studies have shown that oranges and lemons reduce cholesterol, bad fats, and sugars in chickens... more

Iron deficiency can have deadly consequences for your backyard chickens. Discover how to feed algae like kelp and spirulina and wheat to keep your hens healthy. You'll also find out whether diatomaceous earth will help iron... more

If you're not feeding these 5 supplements, you're probably not eating the healthiest eggs you can. There's no tricks or magic here - based on science (and we get a little nerdy in this episode), there are things you can feed your hens... more

If you're not cleaning your chicken coop regularly, you're putting your flock's health at risk. Get insider advice and the best pro tips and start getting a healthier coop using all natural cleaners and good old fashioned elbow grease. Discover... more

You got chicks this spring, but now they need to grow into healthy pullets and roosters before they'll start laying eggs for you. They'll need the right feed, the right housing, and safe surroundings. Make sure your backyard chickens grow... more