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    Belly Fat Be Gone! Guest Dr. Josh Axe on the Erin Chamerlik Show

    in Weight Loss

    Do you have stubborn belly fat? Guest: Dr. Josh Axe from DrAxe.com
    Dr. Josh Axe: "If you’re like many other people, losing the fat around your midsection is the biggest problem area in your weight loss journey. You’ve watched the numbers on the scale fall, but haven’t seen a corresponding loss in belly fat."
    Do you want to know the secret to dumping the belly fat?
    How to eat?
    The best exercise? What about supplements?
    Dr. Axe brings information that will help shed light on the subject of shedding belly fat. Host Erin Chamerlik, holistic nutritionist. Do you just want to GET BETTER? Are you tired of prescription medication and all of their side-effects? If you are done with yo-yo diets that leave you starving and fail in the end please listen to this show.

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    Episode 41: 5 Common Questions About Weight Loss

    in Weight Loss

    In today's podcast Blythe is back with us as she answers 5 of the most common questions that she receives from her clients surrounding weight loss. Today's podcast discusses everything from weight loss resistance to supplements.

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    Episode 43: How to Prevent Muscle Loss During Weight Loss

    in Weight Loss

    In order to successfully lose weight for good, we must be able to send signals to the body that food and nutrition is plentiful, while simultaneously convincing it that metabolism and energy is needed in order to gather and catch that food. If we succeed in this goal then we should be able to achieve lasting weight loss while simultaneously protecting our vital muscle mass. In today's weight loss podcast, we cover the topic of keeping the body out of starvation mode because when the body enters into such a state, weight loss becomes virtually impossible!

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    Episode 32: Lessons from a 1,000 Pound Woman – Donna Simpson

    in Weight Loss

    On December 25th, 2010, New Jersey woman Donna Simpson sat down on a steel reinforced chair to a 30,000-calorie meal on her way to her goal weight of 1,000 pounds. To be clear, she was not working to decrease her weight to 1,000 pounds, she is attempting to gain enough weight to grace the pages of The Guinness Book of World Records as "The fattest Woman in the world". The meal started off with two 25 pound turkeys and two maple-glazed hams, followed by 15 lbs. of potatoes, five loaves of bread, five gut filling pounds of stuffing, four pints of creamy gravy, four pints of cranberry dressing and 20 pounds of vegetables! Well, at least she got her veggies in! To top off the meal before the diabetic coma set in, she scarfed down a desert made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies. The most amazing part of this story isn't the fact that Donna wants to be the fattest woman in the world, nor is it the fact that she was able to fit 30,000 calories worth of food into her stomach, the most amazing part of this story is the fact that she insists that she is healthy! That begs the question, "How exactly does she define health?" This is really a good question to ask yourself as well. "How do you define health." Pretty much the only way that she could rationalize her current state of health as "healthy" is if she defined health as "as long as you are still breathing." I assure you, even though she continues to breathe, underneath it all, physically and figuratively there isn't an ounce of "healthy" in there. The truth is, the grim reaper is speeding in her direction on a bullet-train from heaven; he's in transit, but he just hasn't arrived yet. Anyway, I don't tell this story to pick on Donna. I tell the story for your good, so that we can pick out the nuggets of learning from Donna's situation. So you may be asking, what in the world could we learn from a woman who is trying to gain fat rather than lose fat? That's a good question, but I assure you there i

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    Episode 29: The 12 Principles of Fat Loss Part II

    in Weight Loss

    In this episode we continue our discussion on the 12 Principles of Fat Loss. As we continue to discuss these weight loss principles you should be thinking, "how can I implement these principles into my life."

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    Episode 40: Permanent Weight Loss Using the New Model of Fat Loss

    in Weight Loss

    In this podcast we will compare the old model of weight loss to the new, improved model of weight loss to help you build a system for permanent weight loss. The old model of weight loss is the standard calories in minus calories out model that has failed us for decades, the new model suggests […]

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    Water Fasting & Juice Cleansing with Dr Mark Carney

    in Weight Loss

    Live Show:  Tuesday, February 21st 6pm PT / 9pm ET
    Dr. Lo's own mentor of many years, Dr. Mark Carney, stops by Dr. Lo Radio to discuss the power of water fasting and juice cleansing.  Learn the amazing health benefits of these techniques and exactly how to do it.  You'll learn how to begin and end a fast, how often and how long to fast, and tips to make it a beneficial experience.  Fasting has been practiced around the world for thousands of years for good reason.  Learn how to reap the benefits for the mind, body, and spirit!  
    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel

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    Using MCT Oil for EXTREME FAT LOSS

    in Weight Loss

    Today we will talk about MCT OIL in depth.  Cooking with it, working out with it, and more!!!

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    EAT Chocolate, DRINK Wine, Reduce Your Waistline and Extend Your Lifeline

    in Weight Loss

    You can eat chocolate, drink wine, reduce your waistline and extend your lifeline. You can enjoy such pleasures and optimize your personal wellness. Both wine and chocolate have many medicinal qualities. Robert gives you insight into the benefits of wine and chocolate, and how you can optimize personal health with such indulgences. For over two thousand years both wine and chocolate have been enjoyed for their ability to contribute to health, increased energy and mood. #chocolate #wine #dietfreelife #weight loss

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    When Weight Loss Goes Wrong and Frustration Hits an All-Time High

    in Weight Loss

    It's no secret that most people that lose weight will gain it back. Many people spend their entire life gaining and losing weight. One of the biggest problems with losing weight is feeling deprived and restricted with food choices. There is a way to avoid the "diet yo-yo" and truly live a diet free life. In this episode of Diet Free Life Radio, you will get the blueprint to both losing weight and taking on a lifestyle where you don't have to be concerned about gaining the weight back.

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    Nutritional Ketosis & Weight Loss with Jimmy Moore

    in Weight Loss

    Showtime:  Tuesday, September 11th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET
    Author, blogger, and podcaster, Jimmy Moore from the popular podcast Livin La Vida Low Carb joins Dr. Lo to discuss the highs and lows of his powerful weight loss journey.  We'll discuss what's worked, what hasn't worked, and the mindset that accompanies a total body transformation.  He'll also be sharing an exciting update with his nutritional ketosis program.  We'll get personal in this one!   
    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel of Bloom Natural Health