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    Kick Your Cravings to the Curb with Brittany Watkins

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    If your craving are driving you to the brink, author, speaker and emotional eating expert, Brittany Watkins will show you how to kick them to the curb without dieting or relying on your will-power! She will teach you why you are craving and how to turn those cravings into a valuable asset for transformation.

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    3 Day Shrink Rapid Weight Loss Plan - Lose 10 LBS in 3 Days

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    Burn FAT 24/7... lose weight while you sleep... shut down hunger, appetite and cravings naturally... drop sizes and inches quickly... and lose up to 10 pounds in just 3 days... WOW! Today you'll get the 411 on 3 Day Shrink... the New Low Carb Diet that let's you eat carbs and still lose weight FAST. Join show host and creator, Sharon, as she breaks down how and why the plan works... and how you can drop sizes and inches quickly and lose up to 10 pounds in just 3 days.

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    WTF: Breaking Thru Weight Loss "Mindset"

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    These airing are breaking down the toughness of Losing Weight.  These airings are breaking down my steps that lead to my transformation.  If you have not seen my transformation visit below to IG.
    Facebook page: Facebook.com/servicesbyleshell
    Instagram page: Instagram.com/healthyweightlossoverdue
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    Designer perfume/cologne Body Oils, Soaps and Body Butters made to order using all natural ingredients.  All of our oils scents are duplicates all right reserved to their repectful owners.

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    Guest Ken Canion former Biggest Loser contestant on Made-for-TV Weight Loss

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    TV Weight Loss & are they entertaining, inspiring, infuriating
    Reality shows about weight loss dominate television. Why have they become so popular? And are they entertaining, inspiring, infuriating —or all of the above? with former Biggest Loser contestant Ken Canion While the shows’ focus on health and fitness is arguably inspirational, it’s difficult to say whether the vicarious thrill of watching actually inspires positive changes in viewers — most of whom are, let’s face it, couchbound through the entire viewing experience. And many leading fitness experts cringe at the shows’ prescribed weight-loss methods, most of which would not translate well to real life. Reality-based weight-loss TV shows have proven irresistible to the American public. One of the most popular, The Biggest Loser, regularly attracts more than 10 million viewers a week. Now in its 11th season on NBC, the mega hit has spawned a spate of wannabe programs that have helped turn weight loss into a spectator sport.
    Our Guest Ken Canion As a cutting edge entrepreneur and marketing guru, Ken doesn't just talk business, he lives it. He is the founder of three successful grassroots companies that have been featured in Black Enterprise, Source, and Essence magazines. He has also been highlighted on CNN, QVC, and the Home Shopping Channel. Recently, Ken was a contestant on NBC's hit reality show "The Biggest Loser".
    Pound bye Pound is a weight loss blog that will follow the journey of four women, all traveling different paths to get to their weight loss goals. Along the way we will be sharing our losses and victories, posting recipes and reaching out to each other for tips, tricks and support.

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    Is Carol Mellott's Story Your Story Also?

    in Weight Loss

    Meet Carol Mellott.  As you listen to Carol's story, does her story sound familiar?
    Carol is a stay-at-home Mom of two daughters (20 & 14). She's married to Brian for 26 years. Carol's life journey includes being a bookkeeper for many years.  Before making her family her focus in 1997, she expanded into OSHA safety, office administration and real estate marketing.
    Being present for her daughters and helping them grow into independant, strong women is Carol's top priority.  
    Another top priority for Carol is to live without getting caught up in the daily grind helps her be a helpful part of the lives of her parents and in-laws.  
    Carol's biggest ah-ha moment for 2013 is that she must care first for herself to have the health and energy she wants to care for others.
    Listen to Carol's story to discover how to care for yourself while living a busy, robust, healthy life.  Click this link to explore Carol's health and wellness program.
    To be on this show, contact Soul, your host, at 312-268-0000.  
    Click this link to listen to all our shows, any time!

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    6 patterns of thyroid disorders

    in Weight Loss

    Many people are effected with thyroid problems even though their bloodwork is Normal. Dr. Sheryar Masud discusses the 6 patterns of thyroid disorders and reasons why you may be sufffering with Fatigue, weight gain, depression, constipation, food intolerances, and much more. This is definitely one to listen too!

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    How To Lose Weight With Guided Meditation

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    The opening bell of our 6 week MEDITATION/INTERMITTENT FASTING CHALLENGE. We are coming together to RELEASE 10-15 pounds with  the support of "THE VOICE" of weight loss Israel.

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    Ask Dr. Dave™ Show - Hidden Year Round Allergies

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    You know that feeling ... itchy, watery eyes? Constant sneezing. In some cases, body aches and pains and, in others, more serious rashes and discomfort.
    You may not even realize that you are suffering form hidden allergies year round. You could be allergic to certain foods from childhood and you can even have developed new allergies over the years without even knowing it.
    Dr. Dave™ has been specializing with treating just such maladies for over 15 years.
    Listen in, send in your specific questions or give Dr. Dave™ a call to get some immediate answers to help you live a more vital life.

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    The Healing Kettle-Promoting Healing The Natural Way

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    The HerbalDeVa of the Healing Kettle, is a Healthcare Professional, Researcher and Cancer survivor. Through Grace, Faith and years of research she has learned that Healing comes only from God and following the Laws of Health that was created to keep us healthy and living the abundant life of health. Using Fatih, research on Herbal and natropathic therapies she has survived cancer for over 30 years and raised 4 healthy children and is now enjoying 5 beatiful grandchildren, a beautiful loving relationship  and is continuing higher studies at the Masters Level in Nursing Leadership and Management. God's word states" I wish above all that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prosper- It is Biblical- God wants us to be healthy. Allow me to share with you secrets of abundant living the healthy way... Brewing health giving teas in the Healing Kettle

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    Scariest Health Problems People Face!

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    Halloween has come and gone. Now, The Agricultural Fair is in town. From candy corn to cotton candy to deep fried Twinkies, some of the things that people eat at this time of year are absolutely spooky! I urge people to think about what they’re consuming and to avoid things that will have negative health consequences. As people age, many face health challenges that they never had to think about when they were younger. The good news is that there are things a person can do to avoid many of the health problems associated with aging. The even better news is that help is available. With that in mind, here are some of the scariest health problems people face as they grow older. So tune in and learn more about the scariest health challenges we face and how to effectivly deal with them, all in this weeks Life N Balance.
    To read the accompanying article visit our blog at http://vibranthealthylife.blogspot.com/2016/11/scariest-health-problems-people-face.html
    Visit us on the web at http://vibrantlifehealthcenter.com/

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    wrestling podcast

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    this is a wrestling podcast